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Bin British Gas: Put Power in Public Hands!



Fuel Poverty Action has issued a call out:

“Say no to fuel poverty, fracking and climate change; Say yes to affordable, democratic and sustainable energy for all!

As shareholders and owners of British Gas discuss how to make a killing whilst pushing millions into poverty, Fuel Poverty Action will be holding a demonstration on Monday May 12th to say it’s time to end business as usual and put people and planet first.

Join Fuel Poverty Action for a creative protest against poverty profiteers British Gas at their Annual General Meeting!

“Join us for a speak out, noise demonstration, share tear-up, and more creative activities to be confirmed. Bring pots and pans and other noise makers so we can make sure that British Gas hears that it’s game over for rip-off bills and dirty energy.”

The action will take place from 1pm at the QE2 Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster (Westminster station has step-free access).


  1. Last year British Gas made £571m in profit – while thousands of people died from not being able to heat their homes.
  2. This year British Gas’ CEO Sam Laidlaw got paid £2m in shares as a bonus – while 1 in 5 are in debt to their energy supplier
  3. British Gas installs more prepayment meters than any of the Big Six. People on PPMs pay more for their energy and many are forced to live in cold homes because they cannot afford to top up their meter.
  4. British Gas owner Centrica want to frack in the UK. They have invested £6m in fracking (and are looking to invest a further £45m!)
  5. OFGEM fined British Gas £5.6m for failures including blocking customers from switching. They are also under investigation for allegedly paying workers large bonuses to inflate customer bills. “Scout clubs, churches, charities, and small businesses” were targeted according to a whistleblower.





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/298008930323898/

Twitter: @fuelpovaction


Here are some things you can do in the lead up to the event:

*Email us with your experiences, or ask people you know to email us with their experiences of fuel poverty, fuel debt or harrasment by energy companies to fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com – we would love to read them on the day as part of the speak out – or add your story to the ‘Speak Out’ section of our website- please let us know if you are happy for us to share it at the protest: http://fuelpovertyaction.org.uk/speak-out-on-your-situation/

*Email us or tweet us pictures of you tearing up your energy bills.

*Circulate this email through your networks.

If you aren’t able to make the demo day, you can still participate:

* Print this out A4 side and get it put up at your local shop, community centre, place of worship, pub or place of learning. You can also put it up in your window! http://fuelpovertyaction.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/fpaflyerfinal2.jpg

* tweet or facebook @BritishGas and @BritishGasHelp https://www.facebook.com/britishgas with one of our five nasty facts about British Gas or these links:
-It’s time to #BinBritishGas. No more killer profits – put power in public hands! Protest May 12: http://on.fb.me/1fz5cDB
-Stop the Big6 #fracking away our future. It’s time to #BinBritishGas on May12: http://on.fb.me/1fz5cDB

* Keep your eyes on our twitter because we will be using the British Gas AGM hashtag as soon as it’s released.


If you, or a group you are a part of would like to speak at the demonstration, be a part of it, or express support please let Fuel Poverty Action know. FPA are particularly eager to give the microphone on the day to people with direct experience of British Gas, energy debt, or who are from a community threatened by Centrica’s fracking plans or people who have faced harassment by their energy provider.


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