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In The Shadow of Magna Carta by Donnachadh McCarthy


In The Shadow of Magna Carta by Donnachadh McCarthy

“Brutal, really. Bloody Brutal.”

Runnymede Eco-village which was the subject of this lovely pictorial article on this week’s BBC Online and which is staging the Runnymede Festival of Democracy at which I am to speak about the The Prostitute State and the corruption of Britain’s democracy on Monday, was yesterday subject to a full scale attack by FIVE police forces, under the direction of Surrey Police.

How prophetic the title of the BBC piece was?!

Helicopters, police dogs, TSG riot officers, officers armed with tazers and pepper spray – all in a totally over the top politically motivated effort to disrupt a tiny peaceful eco-community’s Democracy Festival in case it spoils the Queen’s Magna Carta “celebrations” on Monday.

The journalist live-streaming the police attack was arrested, thus preventing the truth of what is happening at Runnymede from being broadcast.

In the words of one photo-journalist (Lynda Bowyer) who was present the actions of the police are “Brutal, really. Bloody Brutal.”

The Tory Surrey Council is issued the order being enforced by the police. In appalling police state propaganda the police are stating that the Festival of Democracy is a “rave” and so using those powers against it.

In true Orwellian language the police propaganda machine has outrageously said that the Festival has ‘potential for increased crime and threat to public safety’.

Local paper report stated the police said:
“Under this power officers will direct people preparing, gathering or waiting for the rave to leave the land. In addition the act gives police powers to seize property in relation to an event,” a spokesman added.

“Officers will be remaining at the location and will actively turn away those planning to attend. This order specifically applies to the rave and does not affect the occupants residing at the Eco Camp.”


Reports from the camp last night said despite the attempted suppression in true Occupy spirit, that the Festival was continuing…

I am still intending to go and deliver the speech I was invited to give there on Monday morning.

The original Magna Carta was about embedding the power of the Barons under the Monarchy. Subsequent versions of it guaranteed the Baron’s powers over their working class serfs.

Maybe it is time we took on the power of their modern day successors – the oil, fracking, banking, tax haven, corporate and private equity barons and the five extreme right wing media-barons who have corruptly hijacked our democracy and are busily destroying our remaining human rights, fought for painfully step by painful step since 1215… before we all end up being serfs again!?

Peace love respect

Police Action Against Runnymede Festival:

Magna Carta celebration at Runnymede threatened by police
Runnymede Eco-Villagers prepare for a Festival of Democracy
Runnymede Eco-Villagers negotiate with police over 3rd birthday party
Preparations for Festival of Democracy at Runnymede Eco-Village
Police officers have surrounded Runnymede Eco-Village using s.63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 with a view to preventing villagers from holding a Festival of Democracy scheduled to include speakers, workshops, music and poetry.
Police officers surround Runnymede Eco-Village


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