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The debate for Brexit has become white hot. The only thing any of us can genuinely be sure of is that for the radical left, either vote leads us into Pan’s Labyrinth.

To clarify, the ‘radical left’ are people who do not accept that ‘the market’ is an all powerful god who works in mysterious ways, and is the best at providing opportunities, choice, prosperity, social care and happiness. The ‘radical left’ tend to believe that climate change should be prioritised over stock prices for example. We also tend to believe that taxes and the nationalisation of public services are the far better option. Furthermore a belief in the concepts that make up the Global Commons theory does seem to underpin most of our core beliefs although many of us are not aware of the Global Commons theories!


I do not speak for all of Occupy London in having this point of view, naturally!


brexit-496242The European Union is a complex city of beaurocrats and it is hard to find the democratic process embedded in it. There is one but it is very weak and easily bullied silent by the European Commission’s strength of purpose. The EU is fundamentally a free trade agreement in itself that has utilised its power to set some European standards in regards to rights of person and regulation in trade. Both tend to protect the little man.

The precautionary principle for example is the principle to risk management that states that if an action or policy or product (food, medicine, building material etc) has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public, or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus (that the action, policy or product is not harmful), the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on the producers. Regulations are presented like toxic vermon in the film Brexit, a well polished neo liberal advertisment of shameful proportions. Personally as a tiny entity in this population, I want this kind of regulation. Nothing in British law guarantees it.


Pans-LabyrinthThe democratic processes in the UK are also far from impressive. There is an endemic lack of practical transparency because the main stream media stumps the flow of information. It is largely employed by the 1% and it reports, repeats and recites the neo liberal model’s agenda that its owners want promoted. What they are doing to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is so contrived I am looking forward to the movie that should be made about it.

So in this referendum, its a case of damned if you do vote IN, damned if you do not.

Hence is it a Pans Labyrinth.




weissmuller-johnny-tarzan-escapes The EU referendum is not being debated for the good of the UK’s trade and economy, its being debated because of UKIP’s shallow slogan of a campaign that the ‘immigrants are taking our jobs’. Its a well used formula by many desperately shallow politicians all over the rich world. It tugs at the the very primal need in many of us to belong to a community of ‘our kind’. It does so, not by strengthening community based policies and activities that would address the inherent isolation of many of us in modern society, but by creating an ‘enemy’. A short and impotent cut. A cheap shot made even cheaper because such isolation is inherently connected to a misery of collective purpose which the leaders of Brexit are dead against. They promote competition and the eating alive of the weaker entities of society not their care! Nevertheless it appeals to many and the consequences of this Tarzan cry in the form of an EU referendum has to be deeply considered at a time that is entirely inappropriate.

No guarantees are offered by BREXIT for economic growth but lets hypothetically fantasize that it will provide economic growth although most economists have decided that it will not.

What good is economic growth if we no longer have workers rights , if our right to assembly and strike is made illegal? If our food is toxic (de-regulation) or our water reserves are gas infused (fracking) ; if our banking system keeps injecting ficticious value into the housing market so that the 1% can store their cash in London properties? If your house increases in value.. so what? You have to live in it and when it comes time to move everywhere else will be more expensive too. As for folk who make a business out of selling houses, I care less about your potential revenue than I do about anyone else’s. Make a living while the sanctioned crime lasts but don’t expect concern from me if your business model goes belly up.

Ann Pettifor confesses to her personal disdain for the concept of economic growth, a term invented in 1967,  because  it really should be all about economic balance.



  1. My reasons for voting Remain are primarily the knowledge that the majority of the UK’s main stream media including the BBC are abysmmal in informing the public on alternatives to:
    the profit narrative,
    the debt based economy,
    the privatisation of all public services including the NHS,
    fossil fuels,
    our current finance industry and
    I believe that the main stream media are collectively more powerful than any politician could be and while they re-package and mould all information in a manner that serves the establishment, any progressive policies for the greater social good are deeply compromised in getting our points of view across. If we remain in the EU we have a stronger chance.


stay-in-logoThe vast majority of the main stream media is also as weak as a wet paper bag in the reporting of proposed bills in UK Parliament that eat away at:
our workers rights,
our right to protest,
our right to health care,
our right to Freedom of information and
lest we forget that what is enshrined in our Human Rights Act is also being threatened.

It should not be the duty of NGOs and activists to distribute current information on matters such as these through social media which is now totally compromised in its distribution. The days are passed where Facebook sends your post to all your friends and likes. The BBC TV should be ashamed of itself.



Eu-flag-vector-material22) Other countries have a more eclectic variety of media outlets and a stronger and more organised left and I believe the UK public need their help to fight the neo liberal war that is being waged against all the poor. The stage were their help is apparent is in the EU. EU regulation limits the extent to which proposed acts of Parliament can destroy our rights. The EU’s Working Time Directive for example is something that if we did not have doctors would still be expected to work a 90 hour week.

Also anyone who mentions TTIP as a Brexit argument is so dangerously misguided it is actually painful to hear it. The UK have been the strongest proponents of TTIP and if we leave the EU, another bilateral agreement between the UK and the US will definitely be proposed within this Tory government’s administration. I do question whether all left leaning Brexiters are committed to putting in the hours, weeks and months to campaigning against that bilateral agreement. Although I do have hope in some MPs they still need a neutral MSM which we do not have. This is where fear is dictating my vote. I cannot trust that we could not stop a bi lateral agreement from being signed which would most likely lock in privatisation and ISDS, because that is what most Tories feel is right for the British public! In other words Bye Bye NHS…forever. United with the French and German NoTTIP movement we have a better chance.

I am no expert. But I am a voter and that is how I will be voting.
Novara Media is a new-ish media platform that focuses on social change. Their main figure head is pro Brexit but to their credit they have also produced a video that is Pro Remain as well.


To help the Novara Media Remain video organically spread in facebook I made the following:


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