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I was once a Refugee by Nina



I was once once a Refugee by Nina Moniri.

I was once a refugee
I am the child of refugees.
Two hard working people who left a hazardous existence in the hope that one day I would have the security and safety they didn’t have.
What would’ve happened to us if we hadn’t left I don’t know.
We did leave.
We arrived in a cold and sometimes unfriendly place.
But we were taken care of. By a fairly well organised welfare state.
It wasn’t a life of luxury.
Far from it.
But my hardworking parents made sure we never lacked anything.
They worked hard in the hope that I would have a future.
An education.
A good job.
And one day a family of my own.
Be happy.

Unfortunately I’ve failed.
I did get an education.
I did have a job.
I even got married.
But it’s all been for nothing.
I’m not happy.

So you see, the things I do to help people, or rather try to do is not because I’m an amazing or extraordinary person as some of you have kindly thought of me.
Rather it’s a selfish desire on my part to be useful.
So that my existence means something.
So that all the hard work and love and the life my parents gave me is not a waste.

What I do, what all of the volunteers here in Greece and the rest of the world do to help, is a drop in this vast ocean if human misery. Most of the time all we are doing is making their suffering slightly more bearable.

Most of the time we have to choose. We have to prioritise. Who is most deserving of the limited shelter space we have. Who’s most deserving of the few blankets we have. We go to the market and beg for scraps. For the fruit and veg that is being thrown away so we can make huge quantities of food on a minimal budget. We work day and night and the best we can achieve is to make sure these people survive the night. Just one more night…

Does this sound right to you? Do you think injustice and misery is just part of human existence? That cruelty and indifference is part of human nature? If so ignore me. If not then please do something. Anything! Don’t turn a blind eye. This is not the problem of a few people. This is not something you can ignore. We are all drowning here and soon you will be too. Act before it’s too late for us all.


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