How to Livestream Skillshare, at the Hobo Hilton


Skillshare about how to livestream. Below are the comments from the onliners.

Remember theres techie advice available on livestream too,

Also streamers should co-ordinate with each other to make sure someones covering events, and they can also cover different parts of same protest

COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT – between streamers and between online support, including lsx

Remember to let people know when you are going to stream…Online and on the ground occupiers need better communications…

Remember you ‘audience’ doesn’t exist without onliners of some description

streamers should also read this –

with short clips Ustream is better – as bambuser has new number each time and takes time to rebuffer to new one

we are viewing, but its also important to remember that we are doing a lot more than just viewing, we online are often spreading the word around to tell others that you are streaming


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Occupier at OccupyLSX Camp. Then an Occupy Nomad. The revolution will be Livestreamed.

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