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How many lives I have led? by Silver Fox.



A few words from Silver Fox on location at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp on his 65th Birthday.

How many lives I have led?
It has been a truly amazing journey.
As a small child growing up in a Nissan hut squatted by my parents when the Bevin boys uleft the Colliery in 1953, we never had much. I made it to grammar school..the only one on the estate..so I had to be tough ..the uniform made me stand out.. a target..
Joined the Royal Navy, 5 years, pensioner out at 21..disability…
3 boys, 4 grandkids..
Went and got a B. Sc honours degree..
2003 lost mother, job, and got divorced in a few months..
2005 set off on a bicycle to see the world…fucking AMAZING.
Came back penniless and homeless..
Occupy and the anti-frackers are my family now..still on the journey..

Love you all.


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Occupier at OccupyLSX Camp. Then an Occupy Nomad. The revolution will be Livestreamed.

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