HOLT- Hands Off London Transport MEETING 18.3.14.


Attendance: Olly, Becky, Obi, Roger, Katie, Dan, Rob, Dave.
We reviewed activities up until now and agreed that, given the short time period the group had worked together, the activities/actions had been successful including:
A well attended public meeting
Public meetings at underground stations
General support for strike action
Roger had visited mess rooms with Leon during the dispute to help build confidence
Press coverage
The website is ongoing, more online information to be updated

The strike itself had been successful with vast public support and the political argument had been successful. All grades had been united.
Olly reported that the Transport for London Bill was going through parliament and this may enable asset stripping of properties that belong to London Underground. The bill has been challenged by John McDonnell MP and will have to be debated.
HOLT should put together and promote our alternative vision for London Transport.
Becky reported on the impact on equality of LU plans, saying LU’s own research showed a negative impact. Becky and others are compiling more information on this.
Olly mentioned a previous survey on fear of travelling at night that may be useful.

Battersea and Wandsworth TUC donated £100, this to be deposited in the LT Regional account, marked for HOLT.

We need to produce more leaflets for future use, RMT to fund?

Next meeting to be held Tuesday 15th April, 1800.
HOLT Action Meeting.
Join us to Save the London Transport System.



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