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HMP Brixton – Global Noise Demo for Prisoner Solidarity.

No Prisons, No Borders

No Prisons, No Borders 31/12/2013. New Year’s Eve.

By Teejay, for Occupy London Media. 31/12/2013.

I arrived at Jebb Avenue, about 7pm, and there were only a handful of people, at the start. We started to march down around 7.30pm, We made as much noise as we could with Pots, Pans and drums

It was peaceful, everyone was listening to speeches and people doing spoken rap, until about 8.30 which is when a van with about nine police pulled up and got out.

After that we went off around the corner to again make as much noise as we can so that the ”prisoners” inside could hear us.

The sound system went on, when the same van full of police pulled up got out and just stood there for about 5 mins. We all started to walk off (heading towards Brixton Police Station).

One person hit the police van and they (about 7 police) ran up and punched him to the ground and got their batons out. The crowd got more and more riled up, as police were pushing people, threatening them with batons (one police kept hold of his baton), they hit phones out of the hands of people, who were filming, as well as, punching and hitting some of the women, with one of them who was pushed over.

Another police van and car pulled up and everyone left quickly.

Once on the streets, we marched for about ten minutes, until we came to a crossroads where the demo stopped.

4 vans full of police came and started pushing everyone out the road (swearing as they did it), 1 officer targeted the woman that had been previously pushed over. Chasing her up the street, then went back for everyone else.

We all walked off again. I don’t really know what happened,  but about 4/5 police bundled one man, pushing him against a wall and slamming him to the ground. – the guy was crying (with a blooded face) saying “please don’t let them kill me”.  The same police on top of him (this time already handcuffed) said they were not going to let him go till he stopped resisting, with everyone (including passers by) shouting leave him, he is not resisting.

The police pushed the cameramen that were there (including me), shouting “move back!”. They kept shouting “move back!”, even though we were already against the wall and had been standing there for ages.

Another woman got too close and they pushed her over. She fell over a bike that was behind her. Again 4/5 other police arrested her. She attempted to reach for her glasses and one police officer stamped on them.

The people standing by started coming over, and  joining us march, and telling police to stop over reacting.

By now half the people were up the street with a line of police pushing them down the road, towards Brixton Train Station,

They had about 15 police vans/cars on both the sides of the road. Others were walking back to meet the other half of the group. This is when 2 police were walking back to their vans… we were chanting “ACAB! All cops are bastards!”, which is when one police, took exception to one guy and got him by his collar pulling him about saying “What the fuck did you say!”, over and over. The guy had his hands up backing away, which is when everyone tried to pull him, he was shoved over and fell to the ground.  Then the police man went back towards his gang, and they had a laugh about it.

Afterwards, we went to the police station, but by due to police intimidation, half the group had gone away. We were followed by police, just by driving past and on the other side.

Once we got the the police station, the crowd did a bit of chanting, I headed off to Holloway, but I was too late for the demo.

The Police went a bit too crazy on everyone there.



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