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Help Us Celebrate Our One-Week Anniversary!


Our occupation marks its one week anniversary this Saturday. We have a special programme planned and you’re very welcome to join us! The programme for this Saturday 22nd October (subject to final confirmation) includes: ·

11amMeet the Movement – An opportunity to meet those involved with Occupy London Stock Exchange across the different working involved in creating the tent city with the City – including our kitchen, outreach, international, arts and events, recycling, legal, tent university, and library groups. You’ll get the chance to see the camp, find out more about what is happening, aims, ethos and plans for the future ·

1pmPublic Assembly – You are invited to join a special assembly, during which there will be updates from occupiers around the world, as well as personal testimonies from those involved in OccupyLSX explaining why they’ve become involved in the camp. All are welcome, whether you wish to speak about your own personal experiences relating to the social and economic injustices happening here in the UK and beyond, or just to listen.

There will also be contributions from social justice movements making a connection between their activities and what is happening at OccupyLSX. These include Occupy Half Term, a banker who has been sleeping at OccupyLSX, electricians involved in the pay dispute here in City of London, Disabled People Against the Cuts (who will be marching to the camp on Saturday), a representative from Dale Farm, Single Mothers Self-Defence (All Women Count) and the Global Women’s Strike, Queer Resistance, Sex Worker Open University, a student from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and more ·

2pm State of the Nation Roundtable Discussion – Facilitated by OccupyLSX’s Tent City University, there will be a roundtable discussion looking at the current economic state of the nation discussing pragmatic ways of bringing about systemic, real change. Panellists from across the political spectrum include members of OccupyLSX, Polly Toynbee (The Guardian), Jonathan Portes (National Institute of Economic and Social Research), John Christiansen (Tax Justice Network) and James Meadway (New Economics Foundation). The goal of the occupations’ Tent City University is to create a non-hierarchical, open and inclusive space in which people can come together to share, teach and learn. They comment “We aim to inform ourselves and others as we work on finding processes and structures to create a just society and to lead us away from the precarious and unsustainable state we live in.” ·

Following the Public Assembly, there will also be a march to a notable tax dodger in the area to highlight the role that they are playing in the economic and social injustices happening in the UK. Come and join us!  There will also be other surprises on the day.


We are delighted to announce that Nawal el Saadawi will bring greetings from Tahrir Square to London Occupy LSX on Saturday at 11am.


5 Responses to “Help Us Celebrate Our One-Week Anniversary!”

  1. Glad you’ve got this up. This needs to happen for every day, so people outisde the can can come and participate.

    Maybe a facebook event for this one would be good?

    • Excellent Idea!
      “Protest & Party” at St. Pauls Cathedral @OccupyLSX

  2. Please, Please, PLEASE ! ! !
    Please really do make it a Celebration and let people know that we will be having some music too. The people (especially those camped out) need some light relief and some music & dancing would really make it more fun & inclusive.
    Please advertise this too.
    Lets make this a Protest & Party!
    Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU ! ! !

  3. 7.30pm – PARTY ! ! !


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