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Help Occupy London in the High Court – deadline for witness statements is 3pm on Friday


Occupy London are due at the High Court on the 19th to defend our case against the City of London Corporation. Unlike other local authorities, the Corporation appears to have no compunction in spending six-figure sums in taking us to court.

Occupy London does not have the same resources, but we have a great legal team offering their services for free and a criticially important case to make, one that we know many feel strongly about. If that sounds like you, we would appreciate your help.

Write us a witness statement. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should include your thoughts on why Occupy is important. If you’d like to take issue with any of the arguments made in the City of London Corporation’s legal bundle, then all the better.

The deadline is Friday 9th December at 3pm. Here’s some advice about how to proceed:

And here’s a video from Inka Stafrace to explain why this is important.


11 Responses to “Help Occupy London in the High Court – deadline for witness statements is 3pm on Friday”

  1. This is my statement as a witness for OCCUPYLSX:

    I see the continuing encampment at St. Paul’s Cathedral as a symbol for the voices of the nation which cannot be heard in contemporary politics and mainstream media. The tents and protestors are a symbiotic entity, which stands as one person against everything that cannot be spoken about in places of power and decisionmaking. Tents and protestors are acting like a beacon in a dark dark night, drawing attention to unbelievable inequality in our society. Tents and protestors belong together and belong in this public space outside of the catheral, they belong in the middle of our capitol and the middle of our conversations. Conversations which will determine how we, the inhabitants of the United KIngdom, see our future in the coming years and decades. Tents and protestors in the public space outside of St.Paul’s, where everybody can see them, have become a starkly visible, unmissable symbol of a defence of
    democracy and freedom of speech itself. As long as this symbolic symbiosis remains visible in this form, “everything is allright with the world”. As long as protestors in their tents outside of St.Paul’s have the tenacity and the will to stay, the Corporation of London should seek dialogue, and be joined by politicians and us all, to have the most important conversation we will ever have in this dawn of the 21. Century. Not only the world is watching, but future generations will watch and learn of the “Rosa Parks of London Town” and it will be up to this court to decide, what we teach our children and our children’s grandchildren about the value and price of democracy, human rights and freedom of speech.
    Remove tents and protestors at your peril. Or have the wisdom to let them remain as living symbol for possibility of true dialogue between all people and all classes and professions of the United Kingdom.

    • Thank you. Do submit it to the legal team too! They need some specifics in there. Check the link above x

  2. Hi, I’m going to submit a full statement tomorrow but find a lot of the claim language to be ambiguous to say the least. I’m sure the team have covered it but there are definite grounds for rebuttals under EU legislation. Good luck x

  3. I think it is important to go through the Judicial process. If for no other reason, we need to give the judiciary more such occasions to show us its true colours.

    We have now seen the UBS’s lawyer phoning Judge Proudman at home at night to have her issue eviction notice without the participation of the protestors. I bet there were giggles between the lawyer and the Judge when the Judge suggested to their lawyer to serve the notice of court hearing set by 9:45 pm by text message at 9:18pm to the protester without any details of where is the hearing or how to contact the Judge. This conjures up the image of Mr Corleone’s (the God Father’s) lawyer phoning a friendly judge’s home late in the night to do a favor. The Bankers who looted our money are no better than the Mafia.

    This shows that Justice is merely a game. If you have money to afford top lawyers, the Judges are happy to play the game late at night from home. The Judiciary now does not even care how this kind of conduct will look to the public because there is no consequence for them – Judiciary is answerable and accountable to no one.

    It is simply a game which they put on the wigs and gowns to play their part of the game.

    They are the guard dogs of the 1%, the Mafia, This Mafia uses the Judiciary to give it some respectability, If you dare to not obey Judges’ Order to leave, the bailiff will be accompanied by riot police equipped with peppery spray, tear gas, plastic bullets, tazer guns, armored vehicles etc to remove you.

    The wigs and robes are not going to blind people’s eyes, they wigs and robes and the puppet beneath and behind them can not give permission to revolution. They are here to prevent it.

    Yet, they will spent tax payers money to sit there for 4 days to pretend that they are listening to the arguments.

    Judiciary is not a venue for justice, it is part of the problem we have, it is part of that corrupted system we want to reform. They know it.

  4. Hi. I’ll be submitting my statement shortly.
    Best of luck.

  5. Is there any chance that the deadline can be postponed? I’d like to contribute but will be stuck at work until 16…

  6. I came to St Pauls from Swansea as soon as I heard that people were there to stay. I did so because I felt that no main party or church was speaking for the great majority of people in Britain and round the world who do NOT benefit from the predominance of the City and the wealth it misdirects.
    I am not happy with the diversion of our national product, out of the earnings and and tax revenues essential to public services and the health of our economy,into corporate profit and private excess..
    As a believer in social democracy, I regret that it stops short when it comes to the direction and management of investments and coporporate activity. And that the power of an unaccountable ‘private sector’ – in which banks control five times our total national product – serves also to pervert the course of partliamentary government. I have lost confidence in a democratic process that seems to me hopelessly bent.
    As evidenced in David Cameron’s veto on Europe, which effectively sells out Britain and Europe to the City, and reduces the United Kingdom to an ofhshore tax haven on a par with Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

  7. I’d like to state that, for me, occupylondon at St Pauls Cathedral is an important way of expressing my right to peaceful protest and free speech.
    During my time at the camp I have seen nothing but courtesy and charity, together with the displaying of ethics and participatory democracy that should serve as an example to the corporations which surround us.
    My conversations on a daily basis with members of the public work for and are served by these same businesses and corporations have been invaluable and always conducted in a peaceful and mindful manner that I rarely see echoed elsewhere.
    Other forums to express my concerns do not seem to exist currently and I am concerned that removing this camp will remove my ability to listen and be heard.
    The camp is well organised, sustainable and serves as an example of a community which cares for its members and the wider community of which we are a part.
    And so I would ask the court to allow this positive example to remain in situation and not to contribute to the invisibility of the citizens it exists – the court – to protect.

  8. I’ll be submitting my witness statement ASAP, no later than Sunday 11th, either online or in person. I hope this isn’t too late?

  9. You can still submit late statements to go on the record monday morning but they must be signed and numbered paragraphs (format below)

    Case No HQ11X04327




    1st Defendant


    I make this statement believing the contents to be true and knowing that it will be put before the court and that I may be examined on the contents.


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