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Hackney Mayoral Hustings 11/04/2018 LE2018


Hackney Mayoral Hustings Candidates – Photo by @WEP_HI

Hackney Mayoral Hustings 11/04/2018

In the last Hackney elections in 2014 @hackneygreens got over 20% of the vote, more than the Tories & lib dems combined. They were 2nd in every ward except 4. Result = 50 labour councillors, 4 Conservative and 3 liberal democrats. The Incumbent Labour Mayor claims the he needs 57 Labour Councillors to properly do his job?

Will the Greens do better in Hackney this time?
With Lady P for the LibDems and Harini Iyengar for the Women’s Equality Party will they cause an upset?

Unfortunately, with the First Past The Post System in place, Local Democracy is captured by Super Majority One Party States, ensuring that Local Democracy suffers and many voters are not represented by their Council.

Does the Mayor need to check his own homework?

Green Party’s Alistair Binnie-Lubbock would ‘give power back’ to residents if elected Hackney Mayor

Harini_Iyengar getting interviewed after the hustings ”
Women’s Equality Party’s @Harini_Iyengar says she would apply a ‘gender lens’ to council policy if elected mayor

Meet Pauline Pearce, London riot hero turned Mayoral candidate


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