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Guest blog: UK Uncut – All out Saturday to oppose ‘cruel and unnecessary’ welfare bill


On Saturday 28th January in central London, a group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience. Please support them in this action and then come to OccupyLSX by St Paul’s and join us to Celebrate the Right to Protest with a host of bands, performers and speakers, plus surprise guests. UK Uncut have provided us with the following guest post to highlight the importance of this action:

Activists from Disabled People Against Cuts, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network and others from across the country will occupy an area of central London in opposition to the government’s Welfare Reform Bill. UK Uncut will be there to support them.

We are asking for people to meet at Holborn Tube Station at 11:30 am. As soon as we get the signal, we will move together to the secret location to support the disabled activists in their act of civil disobedience. Disabled activists and campaigners have been at the forefront of the fight against the Welfare Reform Bill, this Saturday we need lots of people to come and support them.

The government’s Welfare Reform Bill is just weeks away from becoming law and is the biggest threat the welfare state has faced in its history. The Bill will take vital lifelines from the most vulnerable people in society. Right now, 500,000 families stand to lose their homes. Others will become imprisoned in them. Half a million will lose their disability allowance, including disabled children. People with terminal illnesses will be forced into work, and 3.2 million will be put through cruel tests that are pushing some to take their own lives. Millions of people – pensioners, low waged workers, the disabled, sick and unemployed – will fall deeper into poverty. According to their own research, the government’s flagship reform will also push 100,000 more children into poverty.

The government’s excuse for all this? The deficit, of course. Yet it continues to turn a blind eye to the £25 billion in tax dodged by corporations and rich individuals every year, a sum greater than the projected savings of the entire Welfare Reform Bill. Vodafone’s brand new £2bn tax dodge alone could pay for all of the cuts to Disability Living Allowance, which affects 500,000 people.

Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Co. are choosing to inflict suffering on sick and disabled people rather than tackle rich tax dodgers, because they think the poor and vulnerable are invisible – that they won’t or can’t make a fuss – and the rest of us don’t care. On Saturday 28th January, let’s show them that they’re wrong. A group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a hugely daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience, let’s be there to support them.

Meet at 11.30am at Holborn tube station with a charged Oyster card, ready to travel to a secret location. Accessibility information for the action can be found here.


6 Responses to “Guest blog: UK Uncut – All out Saturday to oppose ‘cruel and unnecessary’ welfare bill”

  1. Solidarity from Manchester !!!! With you in Spirit & will inform the GA of your actions !!!

  2. we support and follow your actions from France; véro

  3. Solidarity from Ryanairdontcare Campaign to
    Disabled People Against Cuts, Disabled People’s Direct Action be safe xx

  4. Solidarity fron Madrid.
    International actions are necesary, let’s encourage them all together

  5. Good luck to Linda and all at DPAC. Great that Uk Uncut can support too.

    For anyone unable to attend please support this petition. Time is running out and we need a united front to stop the persecution of disabled people and in some cases their families


    Thank you

  6. You are performing an excellect service to the public, generally they aren’t aware of it fully, yet, but in time they will become aware. The ‘NEWS’ cannot hide this for much longer. keep up the good work.


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