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The Anti-Frack Camp is about 10 minutes walk from Balcombe Train Station. From Blackfriars, Victoria, East Croydon or Brighton.
At the exit, just turn to your right and walk down the road and you will hit the camp.

For the last 4 days the community in Balcombe, supported by people from across Sussex and further afield, has been fighting to stop fracking company Cuadrilla from drilling in their village.

Tomorrow is Day 5 of the community blockade and Cuadrilla will be attempting to bring more drilling equipment into the site. Large numbers of people are essential to prevent them from doing so.

Please come down and support the people of Balcombe.
If fracking is not nipped in the bud it will spread thousands of wells across Sussex and the rest the country. See http://greatgasgala.org.uk/ for details.

A Plea from an Occupier, Julie:
Please if you can possibly go and lend support in Balcombe Sussex this week that would be great. The only way to make the Govt and Industry (now one in the same) listen is by showing we are the many. If you don’t know much about the shale gas industry then you need to do your own independent research now. Time is running out, the drilling has just begun. It wont stop until every piece of shale gas under the UK is reached and this will be at the expense of every man woman and child that calls this country home. We don’t have to do this. There are other ways. Do not believe what they print in the Newspapers or what you see and hear on the TV. Too many have ulterior motives.
At the end of the day its not difficult for me because I have done my own research for the last 18 months and I have worked on this subject with some great people. I have met people who have been directly affected by this industry and I have only to know that when push comes to shove I have more faith in my fellow man than in my Government.

Why can we not call for the Precautionary Principle ?
The principle implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk.

The concept includes an implicit ethical responsibility towards maintaining the integrity of natural systems, and acknowledges the fallibility of human understanding.

In some legal systems, as in the law of the European Union, the application of the precautionary principle has been made a statutory requirement.


Tammy.Samede Channel

Mrs Channel. 27th July 1249hours.

Saturday evening heat was broken with a light shower and Vegan dinner.

Sunday Morning 0700hours.

mhoust42 streams.

Playing the Greatest Speech to the camp.

Public Money being used to pay for Corporate Security.

Setting up gazebo.


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