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Bechstein’s bat / Hugh Clark

Bechstein’s bat / Hugh Clark

Latest move for the anti-fracking campaign. Report from one of the protectors.

23.41. the Camp and the environmental vigilantes are still all well. about a dozen or so here this evening, all people who have been part of the camp for ages, calm and sensible typs. thers a blazing fire at the gate, some music and lively interesting banter about how to stop the beast and beat the corporation back into its proper place..

Some people left tonight and some people came back for a while. everything is tidy. lol. when the people, friends of the camp came back it was earlier and light still, just then the most incredible rainbow came over our sky. another one of those special moments here. mother nature approves of our efforts i like to think.

some visitors and ex protectors on the ground came this afternoon with food for us and bought back some of the dirty sleeping bags all spik and span clean for those staying over. Thanks out to Amy.

There is just a bit of tat that needs to be goned and anyone with a van and some winter socks would be great to see. LOL a big love up to all and a big apology to all those i sometimes upset along this fantastic mission so far. sorry to read the joint letter in the local rag today though, that was the only sad bit about today.

Sorry to offend some of my critics too, all i can say is,

the vigil will continue for as long as it takes. so sorry for the inconvenience, but i and my friends, see, we are trying to save the planet

peas and rice. Gary.

I’m over at Wisborough Green Camp, only a handful of protectors here, but got a whole field to fill. Water supply on site but no electric. There are a couple of friendly locals who’ve turned up offering assistance and supplies also the land owners say protectors can stay for the long haul. The drill won’t go in for some time here, but it’s only a matter of time.

It’s Crofts Farm RH14 0JH. If approaching from east you will pass the potential drill site it’s just after you cross the small bridge on the left side. It’s not a dead level field and a bit wind swept as there are so few there at present. Shop and pubs only a mile or so away. Plod already aware of camp as showed up today, but not an issue with them at present, on consented land anyway.

~Ernie Neil.

Camp Bat.
4.3 miles away from Billingshurst Railway station. Sheesh.

Photos from Community Protector, Ernie Neil

Google Maps: 51.031566,-0.523997
All the precise locations are on the W.S.C.C website – planning section. Boxal Bridge is halfway between Wisborough Green and Kirdford, the drill site is just west of the bridge (orange plan’ notice on gate). The camp is half a mile west further on.


Facebook Page: No Drilling Sussex.
Website: Keep Kirdford and Wisborough ‘Green’


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