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Greater Manchester Police accused of brutality, legal observer in hospital 21/01/2014



Occupy Mayday Livestreams from the day 21/01/2014

This man, a peaceful Legal Observer, was violently arrested at IGas Barton Moss drilling site today, while simply asking a Chief Inspector and several other officers to report lack of proper license plating on one of the trucks leaving the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp site. This screenshot is from around 11.17 from his own livestream.

He was later reported to be vomiting and was only taken to hospital at the custody sergeant’s insistence – the arresting officers having wanted to put him in a cell. It’s reported that he had requested medical assistance at the site but was told none was available.

Policing by Consent – Peelian Principles 1829.

Are you British? Do you consent to the way your police force is now being used by the local government, colluding with the iGas corporation? The police are now corporate security, assaulting people who are protecting the community, from being poisoned.

GMP complaints: http://www.gmp.police.uk/content/section.html?readform&s=E967B51C77A01ECB80257AB5003174BE — at IGas Barton Moss Drilling Site.

~BIFF! – Britain Ireland Frack Free!

You can see from his livestream channel: Occupy Mayday, he was neither violent nor was he breaking the law. He pointed out that the lorry passing by was not showing the legal license plates and was constantly ignored. He finally went up to the senior police officer on site, a Chief Inspector, and challenged him to do something about what his personnel failed to do. He was again ignored, forced away by the police walking into his path, threatened with arrest and manhandled.

The scene goes black, and all you can hear are screams of pain from Kris, and his pleading with them not to further hurt his leg.

Again, you can see from the 13 minutes of livestream that Kris was not being violent and the police looked to have missed the fact that his video was going out live. Livestreamers have always found it helpful that our footage cannot go missing, be deleted, or the equipment “accidentally” get smashed.

In Barton Moss Protection Camp, Kris’ phone was already damaged due to one “accidental” collision by the police and needed assistance to have it repaired. There are Occupy livestreamers onsite and who are harassed by a police force that would rather not have any video evidence of maltreatment of the protectors and activists. Each phone is on a monthly contract costing £40 per month and unfortunately, we need more of them.

If you can donate, please send funds to this paypal address
ref: Livestream: nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk

There is also a travelling fund set up for the protectors:

Thank you and Respectfully yours.

Update: DTG 21012014. 0219 hours. Kris released at zero degree temperatures. No way to get back to camp and in pain. Another tactic where protesters get released at the most inconvenient time, making it difficult for them to get back home. ~ Obi_Live

Just taken my pain meds cocktail for the night, along with Pregabalin – I’d rather have a Long Island Ice Tea. I’ll come back on tomorrow afternoon for a bit, but taking time away in Cheshire just now folks.

Thanx for the good wishes and offers of help/support. My police bail, from GiMP Gas, bans me from both camps, and all roads around the area. — feeling pained.

21/01/2014 1600hrs: Greater Manchester Police have just issued the following statement:
“Greater Manchester Police is aware of the footage relating to yesterday’s arrest and this has now been passed to GMP’s Professional Standards Branch. Officers are also looking into allegations that a lorry attending the site had an unlawful number plate. Enquiries are ongoing.”

SOLIDARITY DAY Sunday 26th January
There is another big Solidarity Day with the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp this Sunday, with coaches coming from all over the country.
Meet 1pm Salford City Stadium

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL


Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

More details here:

Policing the Barton Moss fracking site has cost the taxpayer £300,000

Frack Free Greater Manchester

BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Barton Moss Community Protection Camp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BartonMoss


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