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Graveyard Shift Update from Barton Moss by Tammy



Graveyard Shift at Barton Moss by Tammy Samede, Occupier and Fractivist.


Me and Guinevere doing the graveyard shift sitting round campfire keeping an eye out whilst the rest of the tribe is sleeping

I wasn’t online yesterday as I was having a chilled Sunday with Kate,Marie and Diane. Etc

We had a lovely dinner together and it was awesome

Monday morning came and there was blockading to be done and so the week started again

We had only police liaison officers too and we slowed the lorry for about 1 hour and a half

The lorry came out about 3pm and we kept it slow until 4:50 pm

The police liaison kept threatening to call in the TAU if we didn’t move quick enough however we told em we don’t care and they never bothered haha

It’s 3:30am and so quiet here. Heard some early birds starting to sing in between the noisy police helicopter going up now and then.

I’m making a mental note of what needs doing on site tomorrow.

All good here in this dark,wet but beautiful Barton Moss morning.

Evening from Barton Moss:
SOME KIND OF VICTORY MAY BE AT HAND. Today we stopped the trucks for over FOUR HOURS on the exit walk and the police did precisely NOTHING, probably because their hands are tied in legal knots. There probably wont be a delivery tomorrow so Thursday could well be victory day when we probably stop the tucks all together AND SEND THEM HOME. Take the day off work and come on down if you can, its could be a very special day indeed. Some people are going to CRY

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL


Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

More details here:

There is a traveling fund set up for the protectors.


Policing the Barton Moss fracking site has cost the taxpayer £300,000

Frack Free Greater Manchester

BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Barton Moss Community Protection Camp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BartonMoss


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