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GMP accused of ‘Political Policing’ over aggressive tactics



“The United Nations Special Rapporteur of peaceful protest has made strong representation to the UK government in regards to police not allowing legal observers to come through and observe the police in an individual capacity,” explained solicitor Simon Pook.

“The UK government said they would consider that report, which was produced in July 2013. From what I’ve seen today that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m happy to update the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations in regards to a full report on Barton Moss and the GMP conduct and that’s something that I intend to do…”


Woman arrested who ends up in shock – 15th February 2014. Peaceful protest leads to series of violent arrests.

MY STATEMENT FROM TODAY’S POLICING 15/02/2014, by Lindsay Bessell, Legal Observer:

“I received a call at around 11am to inform me that there was severe concerns by camp with regards to the policing, there had been a lock on and a vehicle was going to move with the person locked onto it, so off I went to legal observe.

I arrived at the top of Barton Moss Road at 11.44am and saw a line of police blocking the public footpath: PC13641, PC12908, PC19545, PC1853, PC 1171. I asked them, could i walk down the public footpath and that i was not part of the protest but an observer, this was refused. I was told this was due to it being a crime scene, this is a misuse of police powers as a crime scene is a cordoned off area used to gather evidence and DNA after a serious assault/suspicious death etc.

At 12.04pm i asked PC 13641 if i could observe the arrests that were being made on Barton Moss Road and again this was refused.

Shortly after my request was made PC 12908 was seen by myself pushing Carmen.

At 12.10pm a female is seen walking out of the ‘crime scene’ unchallenged and a few moments later another female carrying a backpack is also seen walking out unchallenged, if this is a scene of crime, they would not be allowed out without fingerprints and their details being obtained by specialist scene-of-crime officers. This seems like another way for GMP to take away people’s Human Right to protest.

At approx 12.30pm we were allowed access to Barton Moss Road and i walked down and could see a line of police officers and members of the public near to the IGas gates, i am then informed by witnesses that a lady has been chased by police across a water logged farmer’s field for allegedly swearing. She has been handcuffed and detained by several police officers on the field, and dragged through the mud, it has by this time been obtained that she has suffered an injury after police contact, she is then carried in front of the IGas gates and lay down in a puddle of muddy water and possibly chemicals which have been seen leaking out of lorries going into the site on previous occasions. (i did not witness this myself but several independent witnesses have confirmed this version of events).

At approx 1.02pm Simon Pook from Lizars solicitors arrives and asks the police officers if he can see his client which is now being placed into an ambulance (which arrives at 12.59pm after allegedly being called by the police 45 minutes before?). PC 14631 is seen and heard making aggressive and threatening gestures towards Mr Pook.

Mr Pook then asked to speak to the Inspector and asked myself to minute the conversation. The Inspector told Mr Pook that he had spoken to the paramedics, then when challenged by Mr Pook, the Inspector said he had not spoken to the paramedics. PC 11892 also refused Mr Pook the right to see his client. CCTV van on scene which was filming events has registration number MX55 XMG if anyone would like to ask for the footage. Coincidentally it later emerged that the van was being driven by Sergeant David Kehoe who is at the moment under an internal investigation for a separate matter. Evidence Gatherer on the scene was 8362EG.

At approx 1.17pm a large gentleman with a dark coloured coat on was trying to give out some sort of paperwork to anyone who happened to be around, i declined his kindly offer of a soggy bit of A4 with some illiterate wording on it. He refused to identify himself and after several questions he said he was there on behalf of Peel Holdings.

Again Mr Pook asked to speak to the Inspector at approx 1.25pm. Mr Pook asked if he could freely walk up the public footpath without risk to himself, the Inspector told Mr Pook that it was a private road, Mr Pook challenged this as he was the leading solicitor when it was established by the judge at Manchester Magistrates Courts that the road was in fact a public footpath. The Inspector then let Mr Pook through to see his client.

At 1.39pm an Inspector with a megaphone started to give instructions, saying if people did not move off the public footpath they would be arrested for aggravated trespass. I doubt many people heard this instruction due to the level of noise at the time. All protestors stood on the verge with their backs to the police and the passing lorries. The protestors then peacefully walked behind the convoy until the end of Barton Moss Road.


Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Our Livestreamers protect the protectors and activists from being strong armed by the police, but our equipment has a shorter life due to being out on all weathers and situations. If you want to support the Livestreamers, please donate via the Paypal Account: nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk.

There is a travelling fund and for legal costs set up to assist the protectors.


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