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GM Health Risks

GM Health Risks

Wednesday 4th September 2013

Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Similar events in Edinburgh, Manchester and Newport
throughout the week. See website for details.

Earlier in the summer Environment Minister Owen Paterson publicly backed genetically modified food – neglecting evidence provided in the longest independent study on genetically modified (GM) feed. This event gives you the opportunity to hear directly from the scientist who conducted the ground-breaking 2012 research which links GM and the use of Roundup to organ damage and increased risk of tumors.

There has rarely been a more crucial time to interrogate the safety of this technology and question the partiality of the scientific community analysing it. During the G8 forum this year David Cameron pledged £395 million from the UK Aid budget to support private initiatives involved in spreading GM crops in Africa. This investment, under the guise of aid, will lock small-scale farmers into a dependency on corporate providers of seeds and chemical fertilisers.

Yet resistance to GM in its birthplace, the USA, is having a renaissance. We will also be joined by the founders of Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement who are at the forefront of the battle against big agribusiness in the States and who have been working with over 650,000 farmers and citizens to challenge the stranglehold of GM and its attendant herbicides.

This event, chaired by former editor of the Ecologist Pat Thomas and organised by Members of the UK food Sovereignty movement, with assistance from War on Want, World Development Movement, GM Education and the Gaia Foundation aims to give you the information not currently available in the mainstream media.


We look forward to seeing you there, all at GM Health Risk Week.

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