Minutes of OL General Assemblies

Creating Alternatives General Assembly – Sunday 8th July 2012. St. Paul’s Courtyard

Event: General Assembly
Location: St. Paul’s Steps.
Weather: Sunny Sunday ordered.
Date: Sunday 1st July 2012
Starts: 1515hours

Main Assembly
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Breakout group with Vicaolsx
Your browser does not support iframes.[…]

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Roving Assembly City of London Tour 7th July 2012.

Start from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Original site of the moots to vote on the Lord Mayor of the City of London

Main Event.

Liverpool Street. Deutche Bank jobsworths.[…]

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“Creating Alternatives” General Assembly – Saturday 30th June 2012

[Livestream Links at bottom of page]
Sara – Facilitator
Liz – Cofacilitator
Saskia – Minutes
Key decision reached on only proposal “Next week the GA will move to Sunday at 3pm at St Pauls for an experimental period until there is a proposal to shift it again” for full discussion see second half of minutes.[…]

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Friday 29th June 2012. Roving General Assembly. Hosted by Economics Working Group.

Event: General Assembly
Location: Liverpool St. Station. Opposite Bishopsgate Police Station.
Weather: Dry. Friday night and lots of people about.
Date: Friday 29th June 2012
Facilitator: Julie
Starts: 1915 hours
Hosted by the EEE and Economics Working Group.

After the Roving G.A. it was too busy in the pubs. We decided upon gettting[…]

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General Assembly 22nd June 2012. With Bread & Circuses

Bread and Circuses | Spectacle in the time of austerity
Weapons of Mass Distraction
We face a hostile corporate assault on public spaces, art and communities. A large space in central London has been liberated for a one-day event: talks, debates, art, screenings, music and celebration.
Join us!
Grand spectacles are being used by the[…]

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General Assembly – 16th June 2012

General Assembly – 16th June 2012
The Steps of St Pauls – 2pm
Weather – Sunny, with a bit of a chill in the air.
The first in a series of General Assemblies looking at creating alternatives.
Facilitators – Liz & Ben
Minutes – Jack
Liz – Hi everyone, welcome! I’m Liz, this is Ben.[…]

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General Assembly – 2nd June 2012

Steps Of St Paul’s – 2pm
Weather – Lovely, Sunny Day
Number Present – Around 20
Proposal 1 – Occupy London to support the Carnival of Dirt
Jack – The Corporations Working Group proposes that Occupy London lends its support and varied skills to the Carnival of Dirt. It would be greatly strengthened by having[…]

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General Assembly – 1st June 2012

1st June 2012 – GA, St Paul’s (minutes Matt Varnham)

Occupy Rio + proposal – Peter Colville

Peter: in a few weeks time, 21st-26th world leaders are meeting in Rio 20 years after the Earth summit establishing the Kyoto Protocols. Over last few weeks,EEE WG have been in contact with OWS, Occupy Vancouver and others[…]

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Occupy London General Assembly – 18.5.12

Weather: Dry, warmish turning cooler as the night wore on!
Facilitator: Liz Beech
Minute Taker: Harj Dhillon
Present: 7 occupiers- with a few arriving as meeting went on.
Introduction: LB read out the SSP & GA’s hand signals.
a) 1 Finsbury Square finance proposal : Sanitation + Gas= £170
* Van hire + graffiti removal+[…]

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