General Assembly minutes 22/10/2011


Updates: We have taken Finsbury Square, and are running both as parallel sites. Some people please stay here and some people go there. We need donations of tents and generators.

First Aid: Now open 24/7. Come in and wake us up if you need something! Medic training tomorrow at FS for up to 25 people. We have earplugs.

Nightwatch/Tranquility: Started last night, thanks for all the volunteers, we need more! Meetings at 930 pm at FS and att the foot of the square at LSX to volunteer yr time to co-protect site

Tech: Sorry been a bit sub par, had some infrastructure problems getting sorted. If you have a good laptop please donate it. Webiste it

Active Nonviolence – New working group to counter economic and social violence as well as inter-personal. Meet Sunday 5pm nt uni tent

Tent City Uni – Looking for more skillshares as has mainly been academic lectures so far. Todays teach out was great. Next week is half term there will be childrens school 2-4pm.

Church liaison – we are working on a letter of Christian solidarity signed by various spiritual and Christian groups. It is going up on the website. Please pass info on if you know any groups that you could ask to sign it

Small groups discussion


Intl outreach mtg 4pm tomoro to discuss starting a wg to make proposals to the world. Split into short, medium and long term, distinctions bw national and global issues, we hope to form both types of proposal

What to do this coming week?

-Lots of teachers in the group, this weds is important re ongoing pensions issues and strikes. Proposing exchange of solidarity delegations, teachers coming to camp and camp reps going to teachers. Student actions thru November, build solidarity.

-Blogs to show occupations throughout the world, work with workers and trade unions in the area, demo 630am for construction workers

Land Issues

Qus of ‘private property’,

– support all movements to buy land communally (legally)
– support occupations of land around city that is publicly owned, to reclaim the commons
– support direct action, will be wg mtg re barrier in paternoster squ 11am Sunday

Occupation links with finsbury square:

A proposal was made and eventually passed by consensus (this was made by groups from both GAs working together) There will be a meeting once a week for both sites together. The wg reps from each site will exchange numbers and communicate. Each camp will have a phone at the info tent. We are first occupy to have two sites. We need to enable the camps to be autonomous yet communicating, to experiment and demonstrate how decentralized organizing can work. It is Occupy London rather than separate projects. Each GA will include some feedback from the other site.

Discussion with woman who has been losing work due to Paternoster Squ closing

We all expressed our sadness for her that she is losing work, our solidarity with her as an agency worker with no contract, benefits or security, and clarified that we disagree strongly with her exploitation, as many of us are in a similar precarious situation and that’s one of the things we are fighting for. Concern that this sort of action (ie the square closing and people losing work) is a strategy to divide us, to alienate workers from the movement. Note that the Police shut the square, not the protest. However, we realize were not doing enough to integrate with local workers, we have to! Want to organize groups that links workers with the camp, invites them down etc. There are trade unions that can support her (but she left and wouldn’t give us her details)

Shoutouts and announcements

-Zeitgeist movement are here, showing the films and doing q & a on resource based economy.
-Stan supports us and tells of the hundreds of people watching online can here be some way to represent them? Perhaps an online wg
-Tomoro at 2pm, short play “Emperor’s new clothes”
-Shoutout for volunteers for tranquility team

-Tomoro Emily James showing ‘Just Do It’ with a q and a
-Bell ringer from St PAuls – he supports us, thinks what we are doing is great. Remember that St Pauls is not normally open – it charges 15 quid to enter
-Man who supports us tells us he spoke on R4 to praise camp, peaceful, safe. GA is amazing example of democracy – this is what a cathedral is for.
-Delegate from the National Coordinating Team of the Landless Movement in Brazil! (MST) He sends us solidarity for fighting against capitalism, as they are doing in Brazil. We believe only a popular movement can defeat capitalism. Fight all over the world!
-Announcement for the great bread trick – from Ragged trousered philanthropist
-Shout out for some way of sorting the youtube entries about occupy – admin/content group?
-Rio has been occupied!
-Critique of initial statement, handed out
-March against cuts 9
th Nov.
-Fraternal greetings from students and young people in Chile and the occupations and struggle there. IN Chile we are fighting same struggle against capitalism – global solidarity!
-FInsbury Square is going well m- needs more people


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