General Assembly minutes 18/10/2011


10am meeting minutes

1. Reflections on yesterday’s GA meeting (what worked and what didn’t)

Pros: lots of positive feedback, good organization, directness, great MC (Chico), great to have a volunteer read out the statement of intent. Very useful to ensure understanding of the process.

Cons: Group representatives seemed more focused on their personal agendas, giving more air-time to their personal opinions as opposed to those of the group. We would like to avoid this kind of hi-jacking. One way of redressing this, involves participation in facilitator workshops. Being able to listen to other people and respect the opinions of others involves training and education. Also corollary this; most of the group speakers were white males. We need to be open to everyone. It’s a crucial part of the process of this occupation.

Time: 20 minutes is probably not enough for discussion. We discussed testing a 30-minute window.

Setting the theme. Thought it would be better to give it in advance so people have more time to reflect on it before the GA. For tonight, the theme is “What shall we do this week (and weekend)”. After tonight, anyone will be able to write up suggestions for themes on a whiteboard. Process will review them and announce/write up the theme of the day at 1pm.

2. Facilitation teams

Facilitator training, skill share, will be made daily available. We encourage everyone to take part. There are different roles, please come and check them out. Again, this is a critical and central part to the process. Can’t stress this enough.

3. Spokes council proposal

Each working group suggests a representative. Representatives from all working groups (spokes council) will vote on policy proposals. Example shared interest between 2 or more working groups. These proposals will then be reviewed by the GA. This could lead to defined policy that will be reconsulted by everyone.

Spokes council meeting will be at 2pm. Policies from 2pm will be discussed at GA before updates from working groups. And a temperature check taken (not vote). The specifics of this are still under discussion. Ditto how to integrate the two systems (GA and Spokes council).

4 1pm assembly

Feedback from working groups


* Got a great team now working on recyling..

* Thank you to everyone using the system (seperated waste). But not everyone is doin this. Please take the time to notice where you’re putting your waste.

*got all the bags cleared last night (yay)

* Bulk of our rubbish is coming from non-re-usable plates. Can we all please get a plate and cuttlery each that we you can use and re-use.

* A lot of alcohol waste.

* Recycling/waste w.g agreed (bar 1 person) that this should be an alcohol-free space. (lots of agreement -wavy hands- at this meeting.

* If there is urine in bottles, than the council will not take away our waste. So please find another way.


* Hoping to set up a media tent near where the info tent is

* will be doing training for ‘spokes people’ tomorrow. Welcome anyone to come and do that. Please come to media tent to find out about this.

* Released a Press Release yesterday with our initial statement we agreed on. Printed in full in the guardian.

* Quote: Capatalists: if you think you can play footsie with these people, you can’t, they will kill you.


* Tent has got water-logged, so havn’t managed to get wi-fi up and running for everyone yet. But are still working on that. Will be back running 24-7 from tomoorow

* Respectfully ask that people don’t wander in and out of the media-tech tent. Lots of equipment in their. If you take something from the tent, please leave some contact




* 800kg sands just brought. 30 palets coming in. Waiting on quotes for both. Trying to put all tents on pellets. They’lll be off the ground, more water-safe, can tie the tents to the pellets.

* will have 400 new clean sheets coming in thursday morning to keep things dry

* Since not everyone will be staying here every night, looking into creating a system to keep track of which tents are free/occupied, fill in a log-book at the info point.

* Plan to re-organise tent sites to create walk-ways.


* Jon .. QC (barrister) is putting together a team of top-quality legal people to come and advise us.. Wants to come and visit on saturday. Do we want him to address the GA?


* got 3000 pounds in cash.

* This money is stored safely of site, there are contact information in the info tent of 4 people who you can access this money through.

* Could get 10,000’s of pounds, from rich people who are pissed off at the system and have too much money!

* Do we want a bacnk account, Temperature check. – Most people ok with this, some not. Looking into this, will feedback again tomorrow


* Have produced leaflets with the ‘initial statement’ on it.

* If you’d like to get involved with talking to city workers in the morning, talk to outreach or just get leaflets from info int he mornings and do it!

* Speak to Melanie if you want to .. (minute taker didn’t catch this..)

* Speak to Jon if you are interested helping with an event here on sturday, and inviting and in bringing people here on saturday from all kinds of groups and workplaces. If you have contacts iin organisations/groups please talk to outreach. Thinking of having this a cuts-foccused event. More to announced about this soon

* Planning on doing Tours of the site. Please get involved if you’d like to get involved in this.


* If you are interested in creating a ministry of fun -poetry, music, please talk to


* Go to info tent to get involved

Tent city university

* Developing a space for workshops. A collaborate space.

*everyday there will be a lecture at 6pm.

* will be pblicised ont he website

* today there is a talk by Trever Rain on

*Tmorrow ther will be a Crisis Capatalism and Alternatives

* need pallettes, carpets..

*need a van tomorrow at 2pm to pick up a piano!

*looing into creating a workshops about this space, to take out elsewher

Church Liason

* They are happy to support us and our right to protest

* Is very important that what we do here is us. And that we dont ask too much of the church and are as self-sufficient as possible.

* Trying to

* Avoid using loudspeakers, steps during service times. Need to check if steps can be used in the evening.


* Need volunteers, especially at overnight/graveyard shift


* New gazebo. This is a portal. Management systems are evolving. If something is missing, this is where new working groups can be started up. We need a proper shelter/structure. Shout out for new marquee/tent. Also need volunteers.


5pm meeting to set the agenda for tonight, and we need facilitators


* Please return things borrowed, e.g. gaffe tapes.

Church fire exit needs to be kept clear. Every day after this meeting, we have a spokes council meeting. Decision-making space. Ensure information is flowing between the different working groups. Decisions made there will be fed back at GA in the evening.

Police update

Reinstate the chalk signs. Remove signs from the statues.


Spokes council minutes

Things that need to be communicated to other working groups. What these councils could be useful for. How do you get something on the website? Four distinct types of media (tech, coms, press and indie media). Split media into these groups. Make contact details available. Press team hasn’t had a visible tent presence. Want to establish that (signage, visibility).

Ensure communication between working groups. Encourage working groups to be as autonomous as possible. Ensure that groups don’t tread on each other’s toes. Many areas in which groups overlap.

Raise some function that isn’t being fulfilled. Some of the tech guys have communications with tech guys from other occupations. Not sure if that’s ok. Disagreements between different working groups can be flushed out at spokes meetings.

Brilliant spirit of initiative. Six people contacting the canon, 6 contacting John McDonald. Need to streamline.

Finance and media coms.

Devise tree of responsibility? E.g. press has very large pool of ideas, need to create a handover. Have sheets on how to solve the problem.

Have a book (or online space) describing all working groups. Contact phone numbers of people on-site from all different working groups. Also alternative contacts off-site.

Make sure everyone is available tomorrow.

Media wants to find out what outreach has been up to.

Direct action – is a working group coming together? A group formed and dissipated. We’ll see if ideas will emerge from tonight’s GA meet.

Two other channels of communication not securely in place. Channel between GA and media. Also, just between occupation and media. Need to know the stories. Everyone’s work has something to say. Devise a system where what’s going on internally. Beautiful stories.

Impromptu tour of group of school children.

Put out a tweet for mobile phone contacts.


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