General Assembly: G8, Bilderberg and June Events 31/05/2013


Facilitator: Vica @ldvcrgrs
Livestream: Obi @Obi_Live

Here is the statement of solidarity approved at tonight’s GA.
The GA also agreed that those of us that will be forwarding this to individual groups can write a more personal introduction email when sending the statement.
I might try to summarise the other points of the GA tomorrow, but too exhausted now! Obi as always covered all in livestream for those that want to see it all.
Thanks to all who turned up, was lovely to see that crowd on the steps 🙂
And thanks to all who helped put this together online.

(approved by the Occupy London General Assembly on the steps of S.Pauls on the 31st May 2013)
Occupy London stands in solidarity with all who refuse to accept the current
unsustainable, unjust and undemocratic system.
We want structural change towards authentic global equality.
The world’s resources must go towards sustainable care-taking of people and
planet, not towards corporate profits, the military, or the rich.
We reject finance-funded politicians who mouth reform but instead derail
democracy and enact policies and legislation which further increase inequality.
We welcome all action which, in good faith, seeks redress of injustice through

We send a message of solidarity to Occupy Turkey
that is facing today a brutal repression.

We stand in solidarity with the following citizens and activists
who will be in court in the next month:
No Dash for Gas activists
Bradley Manning

Finally the month of June sees a series of potent actions and events happening for
which Occupy London would like to show full support. These include:

Anti-fascist marches happening around the country
People United against Austerity
OpBigBrother against a Surveillance Society
Occupy Bilderberg and the Bilderberg Fringe Festival
Radical London Conference
The Sparks
Carnival Against Capitalism (StopG8)
They Owe Us!
Food Liberation Front

June Events: Bilderberg, G8 and other actions.

Statement of Solidarity. Bradley Manning and No Dash for Gas (@NoDashforGas).

Squash Campaign (@Squash_Campaign) letter to the Guardian.


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