General Assembly 7/213

Fascilitator:- Leon
Proposals for consensus/discussion.
1. – “The 99% Against Austerity” – Discussion with Organiser Dan Morgan
2.Finance proposal by Peter Dombi £ for 1500 more copies of the little book of ideas. -Passed
 3.Finance proposal by Ben Cavanna £161.70p for 2years subscription to group spaces -Amended
 – Other business and shout outs
1. Dan Morgan 99% against austerity
Request for assistance organising mass event on 4th May 2013,  Proposal to establish working people’s party.
mentioned that he  started planning  99% against austerity 3 weeks ago.
3/5/13 warm up events in local towns.
2 mill ppl wanted to attend protest as al l will be effected by cuts, no political representation.
4/5 move into trafalgar square.
Option of march, would rather occupy one location. Backed up with other events ongoing until change is seen.
Dan stated that he has  coalition of resistance backing and uk uncut, and would like occupy to promote the event.
Transport organised ,legal observers, donations needed. PayPal account set up.
5oo people Sent letter to queen asking her to dissolve the government or people would.
In favour of event, reservations about party idea. Focus on 99% against austerity. Worried about another group with good intentions being sidelined.
Resp by Dan
we currently have no political representation, I want to build a new party. Question for me is who do I vote for?
3. Peter d
Supportive, have you thought about issues with the location?
Location chosen because of major vocal point. Chosen because its public land.
No legal problem, non violent event.
4. John Sinah
Political party issue for another day. Harringay community charge 20% like poll tax. Can’t expect immediate reaction, look at long term perspective. Worth marking with protest,  need huge number of people to occupy traf square other wise not worth bothering.
 Agree need large num people, going to happen so we must make it big.
Most people here met at St. Paul’s. It  wasn’t heavily labeled. Specific issues formed working groups. If its a people’s movement then an end goal will alienate people. In order to get numbers needs to be open.
Response  I’m giving people an option.
Mark W
Question and answer format unnecessary. Not important for Dan to have to answer questions.
Temp check: consensus.
man sitting next to steve??
Student protest meeting 2010 occ trafalgar. Organised weekend of events.
Advertise as we are listening, use this as theme.
Strongest to ask 99% to gather and see if it can grow. Strongest when vague. Anger now more against cuts than banking sector. Q if occupy London join how would we work as a group?
Response from Dan,
I just want support, no branding. Come as occupy or individual. It is everyone’s event.
Democracy important.
John s
No one owns anger of people, if people turn up its their protest no one else’s.
If you want a big turn out  it needs to be simple, keep political idea as possible natural process of protest. We need to organise messaging and spreading word. Leave other outcomes for another day.
Dave dew hurst.
Does not agree with vague ideas, be specific. provisionally ready to support title 99% against austerity.
Steve B
Like idea, serious but gentle, want to create unity. Need entertainment. Anger of people needs to be channeled.
Steve R
Name suggestion 99% against inequality. Need to have clear message.
Sounds like proposing rebranding, occupy umbrella term, unclear about proposal.
Happy to come down, but unsure what it is about so difficult for occupy to known what’s going on.
Response from Dan: This is  not my organisation. I just started the movement,  its not about me. I feel very annoyed this is 99% against austerity nothing more. If occupy want to help and advertise do. Name changes will not change focus of protest. This what my event is about.  Goal is end of capitalism.
Are we happy to advertise event?
Clarification point
Have uk uncut confirmed support? Answer-yes.
Mark W
Do we want to officially endorse? Would mean access to event meetings etc to maintain democracy.
Dan, financial point- can 99% use our bank account for their PayPal donations?
Agreement to discuss another time
Finance proposals.
Please donate room cost £40.
1. Ben: background of proposal: group spaces  explained.  Eight pounds ninety nine per month.  170.88 per year or for two years is £.161.70. Large discount for 2years.
Are there other options/sites?
Ben,  all free ones have cap of 50-70
Fran. How much is in the account?
£1913.15 in account currently. Legal ringfence amount £1200.
Peter: legal ringfence for St. Paul’s eviction, never discussed whether to keep for all legal costs.
Hunch is press and others sitting by on group spaces, probably under 50 people involved on Gs regularlarly
Ben. trimming down groupspaces was raised before and rejected.
Natalia. Need to keep money for occupation/important events.
Fanny: having money doesn’t mean we have to spend it. Will people who donated want money spent on GS? Probably not.
Dave D. best investment is spending money on doing things.
Steve R get GS to pay for GS by asking each member for £1
Leon approve 2 months then send email saying not willing to pay more. see If people willing to pay? Likely less than 50.
Ben: temp check?
Proposal to pay for two months then ask GS
Consensus to pay for to months then re-evaluate.
2. Peter D
Proposal for money to reprint little book of ideas.
300 copies left
Another run wanted
Slightly updated, to include latest Eco news get tid of typos. Chapter on cuts, open to suggestions.
Want 1500 copies, £426. 35
Leon. Useful, like to support proposal but add page in book to ask for donations. Eg £10 will produce 30.
Fran. Against, not enough money in bank. Is there a union who will pay for book with advert on back.
Ben. initially against idea of book but changed when read. Very useful thing to put energy into. Money there to be used.
Where are they being distributed?
Anyone who organises event can have one. Send request to GS
Dave D spend money, this will generate more money.
Obi. Will capitalism be included?
 Peter D No too broader concept.
Natalia. ways should be looked for more money for next re print.
Shout outs
Dave. D Sat 16th mar.
Organising with uk uncut action
Ben. Reclaim love next Saturday Eros at Trafalgar Square.
People’s free market, people join to give things to each other for free. Please contact to help organise
Friern Barnett library saved. Working with filmmaker on documentary.
#nld13. Hackney wick. Polite revolution. This sat 6:30. Please retweet share etc.
Obi DPAC meeting
Stop the war coalition 1:30-3:30. Goldsmiths
Battersea pk, council are implementing charge to use ad playground.
Next GA discussion on releasing £1200 ringfence.

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