General Assembly – 25 October 2012


Occupy London General Assembly

25 October 2012  7pm

Steps of St Paul’s

Summary of Consensus Decisions (Detailed Breakdown Below)

 1. Proposal for GA to endorse joint statement regarding Friern Barnet library – CONSENSUS

2. Request for £70 to pay 50% of fine – NOT PRESENTED

3. Request for £1,700 for 56% of New Putney Debates – £200 CONSENSUS

4. Request for £350 for all-weather sound system and trailer – CONSENSUS £350 ringfenced

5. Request for £300 for digital video camera – CONSENSUS £300


Detailed Breakdown

 1. Proposal for GA to endorse joint statement regarding Friern Barnet library, submitted by Arun M


Campaign groups, Occupy activists, the local community have a common aim that Friern Barnet Library should be reopened by Barnet Council. We aim to preserve the library service in the existing building.
The occupation of the library is a direct action that has highlighted the massive community support and challenged not only the closure of Friern Barnet Library but the ‘One Barnet’ programme and the privatisation of our national public services. We [Some of us] are willing to negotiate or mediate in order to find a mutually beneficial solution for the council and the local community.
The following groups support this joint statement…

CONSENSUS ACHEIVED: The Occupy London General Assembly supports this Statement.

STAND ASIDE: Michael wished it noted that he believed the statement sends the wrong message re: re-employing previously employed staff.


2. Request for £70 to pay 50% of fine, submitted by Josh D

I got arrested on the 1st may and at my court case i have been given a £140 fine , as i have no job i was wondering if occupy could put up half the money as i got arrested for political things?

NO CONSENSUS: The proposal was not presented. Neither Josh nor proxy were available to present proposal and answer any points that may be raised. Proposal could be resubmitted and/or rescheduled.

Ronan – For future clarity can we contact Josh to get some more details sent through?

Liz – We have contacted Josh about this proposal. Hopefully he’ll get back to us.


3. Request for £1,700 for 56% of New Putney Debates venue hire and printing costs, submitted by Julie T

The Putney Debates organising group is requesting £1700 from Occupy London towards the debates – we hope to pay most of that back through donations. Occupy London debates are free but donations on the day towards the cost of the programme will be collected * . We will also be collecting donations through a  spoonfed online tool with all money going to the Occupy London account. The whole programme is costing around £3050. This is mainly venues (about £2800) and printing costs ( £ 250). Members of the organising group have put in small amounts of cash to pay for the printing and one member has offered to cover the costs of the venues. However, we do not want this large financial liability to fall on one individual so we are making this request for funds to Occupy London. The programme of events is scheduled between 27th October and 11th November 2012, and the venue for some events will be St. Mary’s Church in Putney where the Debates started on 28th October 1647.
For the full programme please go to :

Venues ( confirmed only) £2800
Printing £250
Total £ 3050
Requested  £1700

CONSENSUS ACHIEVED: £2oo towards publicity material.

The proposal was modified, due to a number of blockers. The blockers were willing to allow for funds to be granted to go towards publicity materials for the Debates.

STAND ASIDES – David, Claudine, Julie, Obi. The proposers stood aside, stating that the meeting was closer to agreeing £500. They claimed that the process needs refining.


4. Request for £350 for all-weather sound system and trailer, submitted by Leon P

Proposal for a trailer sound system:

Lacking at our events is the power of sound. We have had to rely on other people usually to bring along a sound system that may or may not be up to the task. What I believe Occupy needs on its marches and direct actions is a loud soundsystem. To keep the spirits up, draw attention and direct crowds.

My proposal would be for a loud, waterproofed sound system and trailer. My Idea would be to give the sound system a name, Facebook account and Twitter and eventually live stream with a sound track.

I have been speaking with the grow heathrow bike workshop crew who are have agreed to help with the project. We will do things at a minimum of expense, but want to ensure that we have a quality sound system which will endure London’s weather conditions. We have discussed designs at length and the soundsystem would be built almost exactly as the below picture with horn, tweeters, sub, crossover and two amps. Powered by a marine battery.

The system would not be exclusively be used for Occupy events and would promote our name as well as providing groups with a valuable resource at other events.

The original idea was to start a sponsume campaign and ask Occupy for the remainder, but as we will probably have no money after this weekend I’m making the proposal for tomorrow night.

Storage and responsibility would be taken by myself. I would aim to ensure that the soundsystem arrives at any Occupy event where it is requested and to ensure that if it is being used at other political events that I would go with it or ensure that a responsible person takes responsibility for it. If a responsible person cannot be found the system stays safe at home. I will also aim to ensure that music played is as “democratic” as possible, taking into consideration at all times the crowd.

The overall cost will come to around 500 pounds. I am confident that we will be able to raise or have donated in equipment at least 30% of that price. so I am asking for 350 pounds.

I welcome any constructive criticism or questions.

CONSENSUS ACHIEVED: £350 ringfenced, no money handed out. Neither Leon nor proxy were available to present proposal and answer any points that may be raised. It was agreed to ringfence the amount for spending on a sound system at a later date, when more information becomes available.

5. Request for £300 for digital video camera, submitted by Mark W

This is a finance request for £300. For a digital video camera. The camera will be used for filming Occupy or occupy related events. It will be there to assist working groups.
I have made several videos so far but have had to borrow equipment from various sources. This makes things hard and reduces the end quality.
I have ask for £300 with the intention to look for something cheaper. If I find something good enough for less I will return the change. if I get something more expensive i will cover the extra cost.
Once again, the camera will be used to promote occupy. Our ideas, our events, our actions and so on.

CONSENSUS ACHIEVED: – £300 granted for a reasonably priced Camera, Battery and Tripod. Agreement to share the resource. Contact details and practice to be shared. Agreement to consult with others on the most suitable camera to purchase.

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