General Assembly 22/2/13


Minutes of GA, held at Colorama, Feb 22nd 2013, 7.30pm-9.20pm

Present were: Vica, Julie, Annie, Corinne, Mark W, Mark B, Steve R, Steve B, (three or four men I didn’t know), Mike, Arthur “Jesus”, Tom P, dave, Tim, Dave d,Andria, (Apologies if I’ve forgotten U…

1) Debt Assembly: there will be a big week of Action in the middle of March. we have been asked whether we will officially endorse it as OLSX. We decided we would. Tom rightly asked for some details: Vica said it’s part of a week of Actions in Europe highlighting debt-driven economy and its dangers. That there will be a whole day conference about it March 15th that we can go to if we wish, but we are not speaking there as an org.

2) Coalition of Resistance: In June, a large event will occur here in London where John Pilger, Owen Jones, Tony Ben and other hot dogs will speak: Owen has certainly been calling on us all to form a LARGE Coalition against the cuts and this government and this is a part of this call.
This will cost £8 to get into and £4 for concessions… Some peoples assembly a few people felt! it is being billed as another Anti-Austerity Assembly
Much discussion: in summary, people feel that the way this is being engineered is pretty much the same top-down structures that have been the way of politics that have harmed humanity and that OCCUPY came to bring another way, that is more inclusive. Several people said that it would be good to support the event – certainly not dismiss it – we could hold our own gathering on Parliament square near the CoR meeting and hope that people leaving the CoR meeting in the afternoon could join us if they wished???

Tom P said he thought that the May 3rd anti-austerity event is more something that we as OCCUPY should support. Mark Steele is supporting the Sussex Occupation and this is more up OLSX street isn’t it?

Arthur suggested we go OCCUPY the CoR!

I’m now asking whether most folk won’t be too tired after having been in a meeting All day…in any case. I think if we are going to do a parallel event we include more people in the discussions about it and try not to exhaust ourselves …

3)  Mark B’s about “re-defining work & benefits, citizens income. I’m afraid I really wasn’t sure I understood this well, so please go to Live-Stream if U need to understood this. Cheers! Nevertheless Vica and others thought it could be a good future project BUT we also need to really focus now on fire-fighting this governments attack on benefots: bedroom tax, Housing Benefits and so on. E.g. Shouldn’t we support NOW the Fairness Commission set up by Giles Frazer (OCCUPY ally who resigned from St Pauls Cathedral hierarchy showing his support for us. )

4) Mike B said that we had been asked to support a Direct Action (DA) March 4th about the HSBC’s corruption: laundering of billions…. But this was a bit short notice now and anyways what he really wanted to raise is the perception he has , which is that few people seem to be in control of all the Social Media (SM) of OLSX. Vica said this should not be personalised as it often is: she has repeatedly asked people to get involved in SM  but often ignored. Anyways, we then discussed idea of having a whole GA dedicated to this: luke-warmly supported: no decision that I recall

4) Shout Outs:  Eileen House has been Occupied : it is a huge building, already sold off.


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