General Assembly – 1st June 2012


1st June 2012 – GA, St Paul’s (minutes Matt Varnham)

Occupy Rio + proposal – Peter Colville

Peter: in a few weeks time, 21st-26th world leaders are meeting in Rio 20 years after the Earth summit establishing the Kyoto Protocols. Over last few weeks,EEE WG have been in contact with OWS, Occupy Vancouver and others in Africa, out of which has developed the proposed document encouraging as many people as possible to sign it. EEE WG have already signed ,and hope it will be endorsed by Occupy London. This is the revised statement so the objective is not to pick up on individual points, just ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Would be happy to read through quickly and take any clarification points.

Tom: no demand to ending the “ war on drugs’ is a glaring omission..

Max: can’t see anything in conflict with principles as supporter of Occupy. It looks like a fantastic piece of work. How brilliant it has brought together so many groups across the world.

Liz: I agree with Tom’s point, and think a GA on this topic would be worthwhile. Woul like this to be minuted.

Peter: it’s good to keep all these ideas alive, giving other groups ideas.

Peter reads the whole statement.

Peter will feedback on actions planned for June 20



Finsbury Square update –

Matthew updates on the court case. Judge grants possession order to Islington council.

It was indicated there will be no eviction until after the Jubilee bank holidays.


Financial Proposals

£170 for Harjeet to have reimbursement for money put forward for loos.


£42 – Catherine, money for banner-making materials


£25 – Catherine, costs fo photocopying in preparation for court case.


Tom P. -£20 for phone lost on12th May action at the Royal Exchange.

The replacement phone cost £50,(receipt available) but asks for £20.

Max – phone was lost during action and it is a small amount of money.

Harjeet – is this going to open the floodgates for lost equipment?

Melanie – we should do this on a case by case basis. .

Any objections? Harjeet stands aside


Tom P. -£200 for DA.

Max: can you tell us more about it?

Liz: Reminds Tom that money must be spent on peaceful resistance as per Initial statement. Must be non-violent.

Tom: money will be justified and there is assurance that nothing violent is planned.

Amendment- Max to receive the money and liaise with Tom about the DA.


£119 – Max, health and safety for LSX.

St Paul’s camp were loaned a heavy metal safe and metal cages to surround the generator.. At the end of the St Paul’s camp,these were loaned to FS and they need to be moved prior to eviction. This entails a van hire, petrol and congestion charge. The van hireiwill be for 24 hours and it may be possible to use the van for other large items .

Someone should speak with Islington Council to work out timescale for eviction – which would make it more possible to arrange times for van. Other purposes can include the removal and securing of solar panels.


Core costs for FS – Tiffany

£45 left over for sanitation, since used to buy food – given to Charlie. Don’t know how much of this has been spent.


£80 – gas only used if necessary

£100 – food

£40 – petrol

TOTAL – £220 –


Occupy Communiy Liz

Liz, proposed £173 for portable PA and mike for use by Occupy Community . Liz hands round printed description of the PA she has in mind.

Some questions about whether this is suitable for the purpose and concerns about whether it is powerful enough..

Harjeet – is there going to be a process to decide how the equipment is used by others ? Will there need to be a circle of trust?

Liz – yes. There would need to be a way of loaning it out, plus clarity about how to use it. I have run venues and am familiar with the need to have very clear systems about lending valuable equipment.

Mel – we need to make sure we get one that is suitable for outside. Tanya has purchased a PA system and could this be shared?

Liz – Tanya is in Essex and it would be more appropriate to keep one in London.

Amendment : set an upper limit of £275. Kris to act as advisor to acquire the best system.


Occupy legal kit. Matt

£369.54 – Contour+ cam, headstrap, batteries and memory cards.

An in-depth discussion about the merits of purchasing this. Mel points out that video evidence is not automatically acceptable in court. Other people point out that video footage is useful in other ways. Matt explains why he thinks this will be useful.

Anon, Tiffany, Sara – stand asides



Occupy Nomads party. Sunday June 3 at 4pm. Bring food to share/

Carnival of Dirt, June 15th. Meet at St Pauls at 11am. See for more details.


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