GA Minutes – 7pm, Tuesday 22nd November 2011


Minutes of General Assembly Occupy London Stock Exchange 22/11/2011

Facilitator – Phil
Co-Facilitator – Laura
Minutes – Saskia

Meeting opened with beautiful singing from members of Songlines choir

Facilitator explained Agenda and handsignals

Updates from working groups

Legal – Paul – at 8.30 am on 23rd November people who choose to be named in COL eviction case need to meet outside Starbucks and then go for conference with solicitors prior to appearance at 10 am.

Info – asked if GA liked idea of all three info points having radios to link up (UBS/OFS) some support
Outlined importance of info as front line for visitors and hub for working group messages and communications. Rewarding for volunteers, need more for rota system.
Thursday 24 November Info group meeting at 3.30 at Tea café.

Process – need more people, if none at agenda setting GA there will not be a GA. Working Groups need to make sure that enough people go to agenda setting meeting. Weds 2.15 Salvation Army Café – what do we mean by consensus meeting
Thurs 2.15 Salvation Army Café – forward planning GA group (regular Mon/Thurs meeting)

Church Liaison – Constant drumming during daytime is disrupting people working in Chapterhouse and onsite. People have the right to work and we need to make sure that drumming does not conflict with normal working hours out of respect for our neighbours.

Legal situation – Paul/Tammy

The option to have a charter and therefore be represented as a group with an “Artificial Personality” is redundant as we did not have one at the time the eviction notices were issued and cannot be done retrospectively. We may still decide to have a charter at a later date.

In order to challenge the COL in court, ideally 20 named individuals as representative of OLSX.

Clarification – why do we need to be named?

Paul – our solicitors and counsel need to be instructed by someone in order to act

Point – with no name we have no rights. No name means no identity which means the COL will win by default.

Paul – Solicitors ideally want to meet people before court appearance and have a duty to represent their clients
Up to the judge to decide whether or not named individuals can come forward to be named after the first hearing. Solicitors will try to keep list open but entirely up to judge.

Clarification – what status do you need to have to be named? Have a tent? Full time camper? Come here once?

Paul – anyone who identifies themselves as being part of OLSX can be named

Facilitator – 3 points on this matter

Ben – have been thinking about this for the last week, I have assets and feel it is important that we have a range of people who are named including some who are prepared and able to put assets on the line. I have been inspired by Martin Luther King’s quote in reference to the Vietnam War “times come when silence is betrayal”.

Point – John Cooper is a freeman of the City of London there are concerns this may be a conflict of interest

Point – Cooper may have had to say all sorts of things to be a QC, I had to swear to die for the Queen to become Australian, I never meant it but I had to do it for my nationality

Point – he has not denied he is a freeman, would we have a banker represent us?

Point – have any of you considered that he may be getting a lot of grief from City types for representing us?

Paul – John Cooper has been with us from the start. He is committed but cannot “join” OLSX as this would be a potential conflict of interest in the eyes of the law. He has made it very clear that his first duty is to the law and his second duty is to his clients. Nothing else matters. He must also be prepared to put himself into conflict with the court to represent his clients. JC is not charging us a penny and though I have healthy scepticism about lawyers I am more than satisfied that he is a good man and we can trust him. He is a top gun lawyer and we are fortunate to have him on our team.
The GA last week approved him and Karen????? Solicitors to represent us.
We have 12 named people so far. Talk to me if you are prepared to be named.
There is a principal about the straw man, it would be mean and vicious to bankrupt individuals.

Facilitator – this has been explained as best it can be. If you want to get involved go to the working group.

Egypt – update from Hannah on current situation of revolution and repression. OLSX have sent statements of solidarity to Egypt as agreed by GA. Call to write messages to be sent to Cairo. Paper and pens circulated and messages of solidarity collected.

Every day this week till Friday actions outside Egyptian Embassy 5-7 pm. Near Green Park tube station.
International solidarity day on Saturday, march from Edgeware Road to Egyptian Embassy. Assemble midday.

Shout outs

Occupy Edinburgh – Facing eviction, need a lawyer. Can offer one way lift to Occupy Edinburgh leaving Weds 3 pm for 2 people

Point – we should be using our networks to show solidarity. Someone here must be able to find a lawyer for our sister occupation. Take personal responsibility to spread the knowledge. We should seize the initiative Solidarity

Trafalgar 8 –been bailed till April 4th. Guildhall assault case 3rd January. Some others bailed till February.

Media reports of massive pay gap. Biggest in history.

Livestream link up with OWS after GA

Support the 10 o’clock court appearance of named OLSX people

Some messages of solidarity from our Visitors book in Info tent.

Welcome to Occupy Brighton delegation

Law workshops will be arranged for OLSX

End of GA.


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