GA Minutes – 7pm Monday 14th November 2011


Minutes of the General Meeting

Date: 14/11/2011

Time: 13:00

Facilitator: Richard

Co facilitator: Hannah

Minutes: Phil


Facilitator: Welcome

Intro to consensus


Working Group Updates

RECYCLING: Pick up rubbish as you walk through the camp. Remember to recycle correctly.

TRANQUILITY: Problems in the camp. Nobody agrees with drunkeness. Discussion to take place at 9pm tonight outside Tech tent.

STRATEGY: Working on internal strategy. 15:00 meeting today on steps of Saint Pauls. Will discuss new system.

YOUTH MOVEMENT: [John] Every Sunday the YMWG run the evening GA. Also there is a plan for the YMWG to run the whole site one day (weekend) to get youth more involved.

PROCESS: Process is separating into two distinct meetings. Wednesday 14:30-16:30 a meeting to discuss Process improvement.

OUTREACH: 13,000 flyers to be delivered today. Next weekend, meeting with Anti-cuts groups to call for a national day of action. Also next weekend there is a conference bringing together other occupations nationally.

PRESS: Tomorrow is 1 month since camp began. Press will be guest editing the ‘Comment is Free’ section of the Guardian. Also tomorrow there will be an informal press briefing 10:00am in the Tent City Uni. All Working Groups should attend to provide material on what they have been doing. Also Press are accepting articles, photos, video for the ‘Comment is Free’ section, email it to them.

CHURCH LIAISON WORKING GROUP: Remembrance day and Lord Mayors show passed without incident. We will be looking at holding a conference with church to discuss democracy.

TEA TENT: Proposes to set up a working group to coordinate labour force on camp.



-Cranial massage available today in meditation tent.

-Women’s only Yurt – It is strictly a women’s and children only space

-Stuart Frazer has resigned.

-Someone has offered a house in Birmingham for occupy Birmingham

-This is an Alcohol and Drugs Free Zone – there are now poasters to that effect


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