GA Minutes – 1pm Tuesday 29th November 2011


Occupy LSX General Assembly Minutes
1pm Tuesday 29th November 2011

Would any working groups with feedback to give please come up to the microphone?

> Tomorrow is November 30th. We will be meeting at St Pauls at 11am, and moving on to Lincolns Inn Fields for 12 noon. The march will then proceed from there to Victoria Embankment.

> There will be a meeting at 4pm at TCU to discuss goals, structuring, the size of camps, and the kinds of changes we want to implement to improve. A Radical change will be proposed, so everyone is asked to attend – this would involve campers, everyones tents, major rearranging and resizing in order for us to move forwards as Occupy.

Any more working group feedback, or any other shout outs or announcements? Any questions?

OK then, that’s it for this afternoon’s GA. The next GA will be at 7pm this evening, and the theme is ‘Outreach’.



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