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Fylde Campaigners joined by Bianca Jagger at London ‘Mothers Against Fracking’ Rally


mothers against frackingBianca Jagger, Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, joined hundreds of mothers and children at a Mothers Against Fracking rally organized by Frack Free Fylde campaigner, Gayzer Frackman, on Mother’s Day (Sunday 30th March) in London.

The event was held at Old Palace Yard near the House of Lords in Westminster, between noon until 3pm, as a demonstration of opposition from families to fracking in the UK.

Speaking at the event, Bianca Jagger said:As a mother, a grandmother and soon to be a great grandmother, I am deeply concerned about the impact fracking will have on our way of life. Our environment, our water sources, the air and the land are precious resources which we must conserve if we are to leave a habitable world to future generations. Prime Minister Cameron, I urge you to stop endorsing this hazardous technology. It will be a betrayal of our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Dr Becky Martin, spokesperson for Mothers Against Fracking said: “We were grateful to Gayzer for organising the rally and to Bianca Jagger for supporting us on the day. The event was inclusive but the focus remained on a large and very visible group of mothers, from all walks of life, who wish to publicly show concern for the future health of their children should the unconventional gas industry be allowed to go ahead in the UK. We do not believe that the industry can be safely regulated as fracking is an inherently risky process and we will continue to campaign until this threat to the health and well being of our children goes away.”

Frack Free Fylde campaigner Gayzer Frackman was joined by fellow Lancashire campaigners, Tina Rothery and Julie Daniels from RAFF (Residents Action on  Fylde Fracking) and their joint message was a simple one: “Our children’s futures do not come with a price tag.”

Frackman, who changed his surname by deed poll after his home was damaged by seismic events caused by fracking operations in the Fylde(4), said: ‘The potential industrialisation of huge areas of the UK brings with it all the risks to public health, wildlife and the environment that have been documented in other countries where fracking has gone ahead.” He continued “the government’s arguments for extreme energy exploration are discredited. Shale will not bring down the cost of energy bills, nor will it create a jobs boom and it cannot come quick enough to bridge any gap in our energy needs so why would we compromise our children’s health for false promises?”

Other speakers included the Green party leader: Natalie Bennett, Vanessa Vine of BIFF (Britain & Ireland Frack Free), Tina Rothery of RAFF (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking), Louise Somerville Williams (Frack Free Somerset), Julie Wassmer (East Kent Against Fracking) and Tammy Samede from the Barton Moss Camp in Salford where a protest has continued for over 3 months against exploratory drilling by I-Gas.

On Monday 31st March at 3pm, the protest continued when Frackman, Rothery and Daniels joined Mothers Against Fracking to become the 17th group to hand deliver a letter of protest to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street as part of the Walk the Walk campaign begun by Gayzer Frackman in November last year after an epic walk from Lancashire to Downing Street to hand deliver the first letter of the campaign.

Gayzer Frackman also demonstrated at Downing Street on Tuesday April 1st to raise awareness of the 3rd anniversary of earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla’s fracking in Lancashire.


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