Future Of Occupy Gathering 18-05-2014 Minutes


 Sunday May 18th 2014.
Minutes by Polly Tikkle

The meeting was set to start at 12.00pm and did not get started till 1.30pm.

In the 1.5 hours that we waited we spoke informally about many things. What I recall is Peter not smiling at anything, Julie’s cleavage, Mark lying flat on the floor, Becca’a perfect hair. Steve B in shorts and a T shirt with no woollen hat. I was consumed with getting the projector right for my website presentation, (when will they get a stand)which took quite some time and Andrea helped me get the focus right. Sorry to all the Occupiers who were not there, but I cannot remember a thing about this part and the hot issue.

In summary this meeting comprised of three workshops.

There were no minutes taken just notes on each workshop.


Disabled People Against Cuts ( DPAC) have some exciting actions coming up soon which occupiers are supporting. This training is aimed at raising awareness so we can collectively improve our inclusivity and build solidarity with disabled people’s groups


People present in the workshop

mark w, steve b, becca, inka(polly), maria, pete c, julie t, ali p, tim came late.

We had two new comers whose names I did not catch.

Participation Game #1

We play a game and we are divided into two teams and our tasks are vastly different

Team A’s task was easy – get a ball to hit a chair 3 metres away

Team B’s task was very hard…get a coke bottle into a hand bag 3 meters away

The teams were scored against each other.

It is not initially obvious that ciara accepted that the tasks were different in ease.

we get to talk about how we felt.

Mark said that Team’s B insecurities were quite loud as his team was clearly better (in jest) a

Team B chorused that is was ‘unfair’ as if we were hard done by somehow.

Ciara then lets us know that that is the aim of the game and Team B then settled down. (we knew that all alone kind of thing) and ciara then speaks of how unbalanced simple tasks are in her everyday life.= namely the bus.

We are told a story about her being on in a wheel chair and setting off the store alarms … she makes sure that she does not walk through at the same time that a young black man does because of an experience she had where the store security people dived on a black boy.

She speaks of privilege and disadvantage and ties it in with the experience of being the black teenage boy.

Ciara informs us that no one says that they are fully privileged and no one says that they are the worst off they can be

Participation Game #2

People are to write when they have been treated badly because of discrimination

 Simplest definition of being disabled is that it is the ugliest face of capitalism.

Richard Levoy is someone to read.

Project fair is not when everyone gets the same , but when everyone gets what they need.

Everybody gets to give to society what they can and get back from society what they need

Normal literature about disabled people is all about normalising disabled people. the child with attention defecit will get riteleon , the boy with different legs gets clamps… etc

You must make the child “look’ normal superficially . this is the point of special needs education.not in contrast to encourage a disabled person for example to be a brilliant writer in their wheel chair.

The way we define disability has become bigger and bigger – mental issues now come under this banner.

This goes back to the 1970s.. up until 1970’s you instutionalized disabled people.

Once institutionalised it is impossible to write a novel – or make love

For some their biggest challenge in life is to make love


UPIOS union of physical impaired OS?

They developed the social model. – “there is greater variety of human body than we currently accept”

The normal body was based on white european man – it does not include women from Nigeria – Iran etc

UPIOS said that there is a wider variety .

People are being trapped into their homes because of society’s approach towards differently-abled people. Wheelchairs are great… but there are not enough ramps.

 Disability is discrimination by society… what is normal for human is much broader than what doctors say –

This comes from the critique medical understanding of disability – biomedical modal.

Biomedical view of disability is as a disease…

The patient is supposed to be patient

The medical person is supposed to fix it

All very well if you have the flu or a cold – medicine assumes that illness is transient and fixable and has no philosophy for long term disability

THE GOOD MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT can tell they are sick, know when they should go to the doctor, and are not difficult for anyone else by showing their symptoms

Modern medicine first said that the mind and body are totally unconnected.

“medicine has never studied health”


DLA – disability living allowance

70% of people with DLA do not have one overarching diagnosis, because medicine has never been interested in the long term illness.

Bio Psycho Social Model : It is a good philosophy but the way the current government uses it is bad

It was written by psychiatrists who were concerned about the side lining of their profession.

It suggests that if you get depressed you will get physical ailments…

every illness has physical and mental illness

It is a good philosophical but the way the government uses it is bad

they drop “Bio”..

it is now

Psycho Social Model.. The government blames the disabled for having a poor attitude. They ignore all reality and consider an illness curable if you just ‘snap out of it”

we need to critique it. Their Responsibilsation Principle” that they use a lot.

A couple of tories have said Diabetes Type 2 should not be allowed NHS benefits because it is a lifestyle disease according to them.

If you plot childhood obesity with depravity it is linked. obesity often comes out of poorer people.

Disabled people do not really want to be totally in dependent – they kinda don’t mind be interdependent.

Capitalism is at the root of it.

Capitalism can identify gifted people as abnormal because he is will not be a good factory worker.

Capitalism makes us sick…. lots of men over 50 bad knees and bad back after having spent their whole life working in a the building site…

Ways in which capitalism defines who is the productive person is related to the definition of disability in the capitalist world

Capitalism controls our bodies (emotions and thoughts) this is what capitalism controls…

it is no different from gender —

People then went out for a bit of food and  a discussion on consensus informally started. It was hard to stop it but in the end I succeeded so that I could give my workshop. It was at this stage that the two newcomers fled.




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Mark worked from a book called NVC – A Language of Life.

Apparently if we communicate implementing four elements into our communication we stand a much higher chance of being heard and having our needs met.

Below Is an excerpt from the book. I did not take minutes for this as I was fully engaged in the workshop.





Future of Occupy 2014-05-18 minutes source 

It goes something like this


listening to what the other person is saying and checking them out. Not quite sure of this bit.


We often express our feelings with thought and analysis and the name of this NVC game is to strip the thought which most often involves judgement from the expression of your feelings.

Eg : Like I feel left out…has thought in it ….

I feel sad does not.

I feel patronized has thought and judgement in it …

I feel bad does not

This is very hard..

And there are not that many words that describe feelings without thought.


Then express what you need

EG: I need to feel community just as much as anyone else.

Not I need you to go and get fucked you pretentious bunch of pommy prats.


There are no notes for this part because we did not get this far before Tim has to leave and we all decided to continue with the workshop next month.



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