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The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy. Superconnected companies are red, very connected companies are yellow. The size of the dot represents revenue (Image: PLoS One)

The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy. Superconnected companies are red, very connected companies are yellow. The size of the dot represents revenue (Image: PLoS One)

Steve B. – Precariat

Phoenix Rainbow- Squatting, Squash Campaign.

Steve M. – Solidarity with Syria.

Final Discussion.

The future of Occupy – final discussion. 13th October 2013

Should we do this again? Information overload. Working group meeting once a month – alternative
to GA which is more about recruitment. One meeting to discuss one subject and a rolling action
plan. Recruiting. Low numbers. GA good for this – well advertised and publicised. Use Bohemia in
North Finchley? National meetings needed. Working Groups meet and work. Good that we’re all
doing different things and this meeting different from a GA. Themed GA? We should have stayed
on point – what is the future of occupy. How do we deal with the monster of capitalism? – needs a
lot of focus and concentration. Bohemia, Syria – off topic diversion. Where do we go from here? OL
website? Web of Power – should be disseminated on the website – need information we talk about
on the website. Get out to the community – roving GA? Working group autonomy leaves us a bit
dispersed. eg. Carbon bubble poorly attended. Forum for feeding back and gain support for what’s
going on. How to get to more people? The event is important – but so is the process – minutes
important for people outside to understand the process and what we’re doing. Thirteen different
topics – fewer topics needed. Campaign group needed meeting on a regular basis. Need to work
with communities to get to the people. Working with trades councils etc. Work with them. We’re not
campaigning to expand occupy in separate actions. Occupy is still quoted in academia and the
media. To show the world we’re still here we need a campaign group but as a direct action group.
Be more like Greenpeace – campaigning model. It is capitalism stupid – need to focus. After 2 years
we need new blood. Need to regain GA momentum. Demonstrate Occupy (inclusive) is open to
attract people. DA is the best recruitment we’ve got. UK Uncut is struggling to get people out. DA
need to raise profile. Balcombe – described in media as “veterans of Occupy”. Need Occupy led
DA. Anti-capitalist position. Sense of community, togetherness unity is important. Positive position.
Integrity position. DA’s. Sometimes the time has to be right. Lack of structures within Occupy
which makes it difficult for people to join. Have this meeting once a month to make it accessible to
people. Idealogical campaign to persuade people – draw people to causes. Informing people –
people went home. Important to persuade people there are alternatives. When you have an issue eg.
Fracking – positive stance that comes out of the opposition to it. Leave a radical centre in place, eg.
Friern Barnet – permanence and they grow. Resource people to protect and benefit from the project –
becomes sustainable and a beacon to eclipse the current paradigm. Recognise our numbers are thin
and our ambitions boundless – mismatch – super-brainy ignorance. Each has their own passions –
full of tactics, no strategy – need to grow up and get strategic. When the “shit hits the fan” we need
to have the structures in place, not wanking. Let’s fix a date for the next meeting.
Capitalism/anti-capitalism is a mind block for a lot of people. Dialogue – need to talk to people
outside occupy.

Meeting once a month to discuss strategy.
Recruiting people without drawing them in – need a
campaign group to publicise stuff.
Difference between strategy and tactics. Everyone works in different ways.
A campaign group feeding in to this group. EWG people brought some dynamic to the meeting, could be merged into the campaign group. Working with other groups – DPAC was very powerful. Who’s in control? People don’t know.
And they want to know/need to know: Those in charge are malign.
EWG is more of a think tank rather than actions. Things that interest people
gather momentum. Every activity can be an entry point. Education, economics, whatever. At point
of contact, invite people to meetings, WG s etc. to participate. Campaign WG? – Strategy WG? We
don’t meet for six months and then want to fix everything. Let’s meet in a month – and review
progress on the putative campaign group etc. Future of Occupy meeting. How long to go on?
Meeting on 17th. Same time. 11-5pm we need to get more numbers. Create an inviting shout out to
attract others. Facilitation group. Have been offered this space. But need to arrange to raise £500 pa
if we become the main participator in the space. Space needed for training. Workshops etc. Topic
for next meeting. Organise workshops for personal reflection _ Sylvia. Offer of Bohemia in
Finchley. Good to have a “get together” of Occupy. Highlighted problems/challenges to be
overcome. Less speakers and breakout groups. We’re all here. Gender balance on speakers. Amazing
energy – rich work – bit flat at the end arranging the next meeting. Prioritise what else is happening
in the meeting rather than personal experience. Informative to know how things are going. Similar
movement in Mexico – same dynamics and organisational issues, challenges. Clear moments
working well when we get focused attention on energy on fundamental questions – capitalism
system of cruelty, savagery and despotism. Amazing freedoms convenience into choice. When
group can make the choices. Tear of of the face bit – that’s when we are telling ourselves to get
organised. Concentrate on strengths – not good for us as a movement. Take from the world we are
trying to change. Not necessarily a fan of fundamental flaws in horizontal democracy. The way we
organise ourselves to stop falling through the chasm. Presentations – upload to the website. We
have a system inside which impedes the horizontal structure. Enjoyed today – good feeling.
Listened intensely to others because it is about the collective. Humour is important – gives serious
resilience. 1. People came, 2. Agree for next meeting. 3. New working group. Cross pollination
between the groups. Not enough time given to how we organise. Collectivity in spite of difference
of approaches. Too many speakers – good introduction – language respect others. Space to be able
to absorb ideas needed. Livestream reaction will be interesting. Great food. Don’t mention too many
things. Felt great, too early to tell, we quickly forget. Not integrated. Set your own goals. Need to
focus on economic focus and organisational issues. Need to know what skills people have. We don’t
know each other. Fundamental to building organisation. Corporate world is organised and
dominates. Clear cogent meeting – understood the outcomes and how it goes forward. Felt
Thanks to Vica, Peter and Mike for organising today.

Critical Thinking: The Future of Occupy

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world


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