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Fuel Poverty Action Press Release 21st Nov 2017


FuelPovAction by Paula Peters

In Fuel Poverty Action  press release:


Photos:  https://drive.google.com/ open?id=14Pd4_SgEe8ogw_ zAeVHqsmDbOOK58IIK

FPA: fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com, tel: 07751 748026, twitter: @fuelpovaction

Disabled People Against Cuts: mail@dpac.uk.net, text:  07505 144 371, twitter: @Dis_PPL_Protest

Photos:  https://drive.google.com/ open?id=14Pd4_SgEe8ogw_ zAeVHqsmDbOOK58IIK

This morning, on the eve of the release of the latest excess winter deaths statistics, we delivered a tiny cap to Ofgem, along with a letter about their proposed “safeguard” cap on energy tariffs, which will exclude many of the people who need it most, leaving them open to continued uncontrolled “rip-offs” by energy suppliers.

The letter was initiated by Fuel Poverty Action and Disabled People Against Cuts, and has been signed signed by two national trade unions, PCS and UNISON, and a wide range of over 30 disability, women’s, anti-poverty, energy focused, and community organisations.

Representatives from Fuel Poverty Action, Disabled People Against Cuts, the All African Womens Group and Haringey Pensioners Action Group gathered outside 9 Millbank to tell Ofgem that if their plans go ahead unchanged, many disabled people and parents of small children, who could qualify for the cap, won’t. They will be left out in the cold because they do not receive the Warm Home Discount, which is awarded on a first come first served basis.

Sam Hayward from Fuel Poverty Action said, “It is a disgrace that Ofgem don’t consider the exclusion of disabled people and families with small children from their ‘safeguard’ cap a serious enough issue to send down a proper representative. This cap will have serious implications for those affected and deserves a serious response.”

Paula Peters from DPAC said, “Austerity is killing us. Cuts to social care, the NHS, and benefits are ramping up winter deaths, especially for disabled people and older adults, and with the rollout of Universal Credit. We demand that Ofgem broaden the Warm Home Discount, and apply a universal cap, so that the Big Six can’t keep profiteering from our deaths.”

Yet disabled people often need heat most and suffer most when they cannot afford it.

The excess winter fuel death figures will be released tomorrow at 9.30. These figures represent decades of UK government negligence and are at risk of being buried under Budget-related news. We cannot let this happen.

Link to our letter: https://www.fuelpovertyaction. org.uk/campaigns/sign-our- letter-to-ofgem-on-limited- cap/

Fuel Poverty Action’s detailed response to Ofgem’s consultation can be viewed here: https://www.fuelpovertyaction. org.uk/consultation-responses/ .



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