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From Tanya Paton: Occupy London Faith Liaison Group


TanyaPaton.Tanya at OccupyLSX Camp

From Tanya Paton: Occupy London Faith Liaison Group.

In 2014 I would like to see a shift in global consciousness, in which people tune into their spirituality to lead them to stand together against injustice, where people move away from consumerism to fill their empty lives, where people develop courage to challenge iniquity, where a path to peace can be found within conflicts, but not at the expense of the poor, the voiceless, or the oppressed.

Personally, I seek to deepen my own faith through thoughts, words, and deeds that will help me to lead my own life in a more spiritual way. And as a teacher, I seek to educate those I teach through opening their minds to critical thinking, becoming more tolerant of others, and learning to care not just about our beautiful planet, but our fellow brothers and sisters regardless of faith, creed, or culture, as long as the culture is not harmful to others.

This interview was in the St. Paul’s Churchyard Starbucks, December 2011. This was before we found out the taxdodging shenanigans of the corporation.


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