From the farmyard to fracking, and beyond
By Mandy Pins Perkins. Occupy Bournemouth and Balcombe Community Protection Camp Protector.

We’re blessed to be staying on an organic dairy farm at present, where wildlife and fauna seem to literally sing with joy every moment of the day. Yesterday afternoon, I felt called to go outside to the yard as the birds were going absolutely bonkers ~ as I opened the door, I could also hear the sounds of machinery that I’d not heard on the farm before.

There before me, in the field adjacent to the tiny tree-lined lane that runs through the farm, was an industrial tree-cutter. The crunching sound it made as it ripped branches and tops off the trees made me think of bones being torn in two, limbs ripped from sockets ~ tears welled in my eyes. I felt sick :/

But the birds, bless them. From the last tree in the lane before the cowsheds start, I saw what seemed to be a scouting team fly from the tree ~ they flew high in the sky and circled the tree-cutter, squawking with all their might. They returned to the tree, chattered loudly, and came back out, more of them this time, all screaming their little beaks off at the vehicle that was heading for their trusted tree. Next thing, at least two hundred birds flew from this tiny tree, broke into two flocks, chirping with all the sound they could muster and swooping down towards the destroyer of their habitat. (I was astounded at the number of birds this little tree had been housing ~ I knew they were noisy little critters, but had no clue how many were in there until this time!) I could sense the birds fear, but that seemed over-powered by their indignance and determination to stop the vehicle…………

My mind flashed to Balcombe, to Barton Moss, to Moncton, to Belo Monte, to all the places on Earth where massive industrial machines are rolling in to our country lanes, tunneling into seabeds, spewing into the clouds. Where massive drills are perforating the lungs and internal organs of our Earth, where trees are being ripped from soil and replaced with toxic species that die with each season. The sound of the birds became the screams & chants of the people that are out protecting our planet, defending it against the machinery & madness, no matter what the risk to their own lives.

I stood in the yard and I wept.

I cried for the Earth, I cried for our children, I cried for the birds, for the wildlife, for the species already lost to us, for the nutrients that our food no longer has. And I cried for the anger that I feel towards governments, corporations and people that can no longer see clearly through their greed and ignorance.

There was a difference between the tree-cutter here at the farm, and the ecocide being committed across our planet ~ one which inspired me somewhat. The tree-cutter stopped when he saw the birds. He left their favoured tree standing tall and intact at the end of the lane! It felt as if the birds, in making such a noise and clearly showing their distress at his actions, made a difference to his plans. The birds habitat was saved.

And this little story goes some way to explaining why I will NEVER ever give up making a noise when I see injustice against our planet, against Life…………

Sunset at Wartling, East Sussex

Sunset at Wartling, East Sussex


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