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Barton Moss: police “snatch” mother and child

Swinton Police Station.

Swinton Police Station. Demo for those arrested.

“On the morning of Friday 3 January 2014, an officer of the Greater Manchester ‘corporate enforcers’ stated that the Barton Moss Protectors were not showing any consideration towards the local farming community,” explained Ian R. Crane.

“So let’s get this straight … On the day of disclosures about Thatcher’s alleged use of soldiers disguised as police during the miners’ strikes … the police in Greater Manchester – who are being paid to force through corporate ecocide, in contravention of their oath to protect life and property – are telling good altruistic people, who are putting their health on the line to protect the local ecology and community, that they have no consideration for local farmers.”

Livestream by OccupyMayday:

Please note, says Occupy Mayday: “Greater Manchester Police presence is costing the taxpayer something like £40,000 a day. This cost needs to be verified, but something like this was the case in Balcombe. The police claim to be facilitating the protectors’ protest and are there ‘for their safety’, but there is no police presence during the evening.”

From 0930hours today.

In this livestream, a young mother and her eight year old child were snatched from the march and removed, “for their safety”.

Video from another View point.

” It was me and my child who were pulled away from our peaceful ‘slow walk’ protest, ‘for our own safety’ in case we tripped and fell under a truck. As if! The police walked us to the tea tent, but we could not leave site or move ahead. So we weren’t detained, just removed. The policeman told me that my daughter was very scared. I asked her if she was scared. She said she was only scared that I might get arrested and taken away from her. I told the police that far from removing us ‘for our safety’ they were taking us away from our peaceful protest that is for ours, and their safety in the short and long term.”
Child is nearly 8 by the way. But i wanted to pick her up and hold her for her to feel more safe, as the police men went on in their efforts to intimidate us ‘for our own safety’. We told them we’d come back with many more of our friends.
Well we didn’t want to be removed and the police removing us was certainly the only really scary part of what was going on (apart from the obvious that we are scared and as a result are taking action because of the threat of chemical Fracking of our land and water). We felt totally safe when we were walking along slowly, and i’d say were in danger of nothing apart from the possibility of the TAU (Tactical Assault Unit) pushing us. They do like to do, but i guess they have a bit more of a conscience about when children are there… The police told us that some of the people in the group (us protest/protectors) could get dangerous and that some had broken the law, by locking themselves to gates, etc… to which i replied to them that everything Hitler did was legal. sigh, we’re safe and sound at home now. Love to all the brave warriors still on site. We’ll come down again on the 12th, if not before.

The rest of the day.


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