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Fracking Company Accused of ‘Dirty Tricks’ as Lancashire Nanas Vow Fight-back’



On the Fylde Peninsula, Nana Camp and Reclaim the Power camp are being take to court through an eviction notice. The camp will have already left, but of huge concern to us all is that Lord Browne’s Cuadrilla is seeking an injunction to prevent various anti-fracking groups (including all members of / people associated with BIFF!) from campaigning at their sites across Lancashire. If successful, this would have repercussions for ALL non-violent direct action, and would be an assault on our civil liberties. Show your support for our protectors by sharing and tweeting this image #NanaFightBack

The initial hearing is on Thursday 28th Aug,10am at Manchester High Court. For more information please see this event page:

A press release from the Nana Camp can be found here:

and another copy here:


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