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Fracked Future Carnival

Knitting Nanas against Fracking.

Knitting Nanas against Fracking.

Fracked Future Carnival: a personal perspective, by Tim Williams (Barton Moss Protector)

Yesterday was an extraordinary day, went down to London Town to join in the victory celebrations outside the ritzy 5 star hotel in Knightsbridge where the representatives of the fracking conglomerates were due to have a strategy meeting. Many familiar faces turned up outside the hotel. Then we heard that they had moved the conference to some kind of military installation in East London. All the Protectors reconvened outside this heavily fortified building which had the appearance of a castle with turrets and battlements. Nikki sang some beautiful songs holding a candle in the darkness. Dame Vivienne Westwood spoke passionately and predicted global catastrophe if we don’t all act now. As someone who loves the tarot, I find great meaning in symbols.

The symbol represented by the first venue in the glamorous hotel, says ‘success, confidence, prestige, abundance, it’s all going well’. The shift to the heavily fortified castle symbolises fear, defensiveness, doubt and the fact that they took refuge in a military establishment also speaks volumes… The fact that these two symbols were exchanged was brought about by their fear of our presence which turned out to be some beautiful people standing in the light of blatant truth.

In other news, I heard the inspiring story of a Protector called Chrissie, a rainbow warrior from back in the day. On her own, she walked in front of the trucks at Farndon. The way she walked, the courage and presence was such that it inspired the chief constable via his inspector to send a message of respect and commendation. I was so moved when I heard this story from another because this is in my mind, is what a Protector looks like. The transformation that is taking place in the human species at this time is driven by Love, the purest thing that humans know. Anger only brings change. Love brings transformation. Something wonderful is happening, I can feel it.


Original site for #ShaleForum14.
Jumeirah Carlton Hotel, 2 Cadogan Pl, London SW1X 9PY. Great speeches from an all women panel.

Nicola Fee singing outside the fortress used as headquarters by Honourable Artillery Company. (This company was used extensively to put down riots during the 18th Century).

First stream outside Knightsbridge Tube Station:http://bambuser.com/v/4456640

First Stream outside Vivienne Westwood Studios:




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