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Caroline Lucas, SolidariTEA 10. Photo: Kate Baldwin

Caroline Lucas, SolidariTEA 10. Photo: Kate Baldwin

Livestream of the arrest of Caroline Lucas MP.

We’d like to thank our families, friends and fellow protectors, our solicitors and our arresting officers, for making all this possible.

Our brave stand at Balcombe slowed down the frackers and gave us all a little bit of hope.We have new ideas. We have growing certainty: we can stop this. We just need to be organised and continue to be good natured about getting arrested.

There aren’t many successful movements in history that didn’t involve filling police cells and burying courts under mountains of quite meaningless paperwork. It’s a tried and tested method of getting things changed.

This week we might expect a long….. .long……… snzzzzzz…… on….and on… .long day. UNLESS we make it something else. Our diamond solicitors will be fighting our corner as the legal system wrestles our apparently random cases into something resembling order. Trial dates will then be set.

Added to this, some brave Balcombe warriors are pitching up to enter their pleas. If this isn’t drama enough, outside the court we have a growing tribe of supporters who call by each week to share tea, pastries (really!) and revolution.

It’s not about how long the day, but how long have we got? All the time in the world, apparently as we have ceased to wait.

Join us.


PS Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far. If the caseload tumbles into next week, we’ll let you all know.


Caroline Lucas MP


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