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First 2012 edition of The Occupied Times now out


Issue #8 of The Occupied Times has just been published; seeing an expansion in format from sixteen to twenty pages. As usual, 2000 copies of Occupy London’s independent newspaper have been printed and will be distributed from the four London occupations over the weekend.

The latest issue features a front-page story on the birth of several online platforms dedicated to the Occupy movement globally with the headline, “Occupy 2.0”, along with a second news story about the creation of a Crime Investigation Working Group at Occupy London.

On Thursday, a fundraising target of £2000 was reached using the online donation site Sponsume. The target was met with a day to spare and will help finance another four issues, with more donations collected as the newspaper is distributed.

Editor Steven Maclean said: “We’re delighted to have met our funding goal for the newspaper, and it’s great that so many ordinary members of the public can continue to pick up copies and are happy to donate to keep the paper going.”

The paper continues to publish in-depth analysis on the issues inspiring the Occupy movement, with articles this month on Bio-fuels, the concept of citizen politiciansconsumerism, and a piece by Noble prize for Economics winner Joseph Stiglitz on the ‘Mauritius Miracle‘.

Issue #8 also includes a behind-the-scenes feature juxtaposing the court case brought against the St Paul’s camp with the establishment of Occupy Justice, cartoons, poetry, and the addition of a crossword. It is the second bi-monthly edition of the paper since becoming self-financed.


6 Responses to “First 2012 edition of The Occupied Times now out”

  1. Where is Earl Street?!

  2. will there be something lasting that comes from ‘occupy’ Has there been global
    contact established.Do you think it is agood idea to form a global ‘political’ movement so that we can vote for real change.
    I am sure you and other occupy groups have massive support.

  3. Hi guys let me know what I can to to help the cause I’ve been trying to ge tthe message out but It goes over most peoples heads around here. Most people I speak to are happy to embroil themselves in celeb gossip and eastenders. I have been trying to engage into debates with known opposers of the movement, somewhat unsuccessfully. It’s too late for me to turn back now I’m far too outraged! I’ve got to get involved properly. Thankyou for standing your ground on behalf of people who believe everything the Sun tells them. Perhaps one day they will appreciate everything you have done and are doing for us. xx Love and Respect from the Isle of Sheppey

    • Occupy Newcastle was literally blown away in the night and so some of us are left wondering how to continue with what I agree is an unstoppable movement. I feel removed from parliamentary politics and estranged from traditional Left politics because of all of the redundant infighting. TIme to get real and move towards consensual change, however long it takes.
      I believe that by implementing small but significant changes in our own lives and the way we interact other changes will begin to happen. By releasing ourselves from the pressures of pointless debt, needless consumerism, ideological nitpicking we can bring about change.
      This forum is one element, there will be others. I am confident that we will get better at channeling all of this energy and start to shift the paradigm.
      Looking forward to the next few weeks and months

  4. Just heard inspiring talk from Tim Phillips who spoke to tent city recently. Great stuff keep it up!

  5. Is there any way small bundles of the occupied times can be distributed to Transition Town groups around the UK? i.e. do your/outreach funds extend to necessary postage?


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