Finsbury Square Eviction


At 1am this morning, 14th June 2012, over a dozen police vans raced down City Road, towards Finsbury Square. Accompanied by  two or three coaches of bailiffs in orange jackets. They quickly formed a line round the site and dragged thoose asleep out of their tents. Some being aware of the police coming climbed into the barricade built over three of the wooden pallet houses, with one masked protester at the top of a tree in the square.

Soon enough people walked out favouring a non-violent exit, after many hours the human figure in the tree climbed down. The bailiffs set up two lines of metal fencing around the pavement surrounding the area. Most stayed on the pavement watching the place be destroyed, then some to a grotty homeless shelter the council had liaised with, and some to a new site in Shoreditch Park.

However at 5am there were still about 6 people on the pavement outside, unwilling to leave their home with no appropiate alternatives. The place is now being cleared and is caged up. Thanks to all those who support Occupy, and Finsbury Square. We tried to make a difference, at least we tried. If you can please come to Shoreditch Park, any and all donations welcome.

Finsbury Sq. Eviction. Footage from 0200 hours.


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  1. Hi,

    I thought u were all well aware of your pending eviction?!
    I think it would have least been polite to tidy up after yourselves.
    You have completely ruined Finsbury Square Park and
    It is in a right state now.

    • To City Worker:

      Feel better now that you can vent on a webpage?

      Don’t worry. Everything is fine.

      #Carry on Shopping.

  2. This is interesting – :

    At the High Court Mr Justice Hickinbottom was told the Finsbury Square camp had caused £20,000 damage to the land and the council had spent £26,000 on security.

    And worse:

    The council said it also lost £12,000 in rent and income after restaurants in the public square closed.

    What that means is that not only did your pathetic camp cost the residents of Islington a whole load of money, it also cost people their jobs. You sicken me.

  3. I must admit that I would be more sympathetic if there had been an attempt to keep the camp tidy to show others that Occupy does not trash a place, so there was a reverse irony to read you “stayed on the pavement watching the place be destroyed”. Now Occupy is synonymous with wrecking urban areas rather than a more important message. Time to wind it all up surely?

    • How would your home look after the bailiffs come in and wreck the place?
      They then tell people that it’s too dangerous to enter due to some mysterious contamination. Of course, the Bailiffs are free to enter.

      The houseless people are now being allowed to retrieve their items, with the proviso of a photo id and a copy, along with a utility bill plus copy, not more than two months old.

      Not sure which genius came up with the idea of asking people who have not had utilities, for SEVEN MONTHS, for a utility bill.

      The camp had two generators, two solar panels for power and two gas burners for cooking.

      £400 core funding per week for more than 120 people. Even with our problems, better than you and better than most of the population.

  4. To Helen:

    Most of those who were evicted from Finsbury Square regarded the camp as their home. They have now been evicted from their homes and are again houseless. The home is their camp and they feel safer with each other in that community.

    Where do you suggest the homeless to go? Would it be better if they sleep rough, without a tent?

    Some from OccupyLSX and Finsbury Sq. have ended up doing that again, as tents get confiscated by the police.

    When homeless sleep rough on a doorstep, easily ignored, when they set up a tent, they become too blatant for people’s good taste. They actually have to see the homeless people.


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