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Finchley Society: Finchley and Golders Green Hustings.



Meet the electoral candidates for Finchley and Golders Green.
Finchley and Golders Green is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament. Since 2010, its MP has been Mike Freer, a Conservative. From 1997, it was represented by Rudy Viz, Labour.

In 2010, Mike Freer won with 46% of the vote 21,688 over the Labour candidate who received 15,879 votes. Turn out was 61.1% of voters.

At this meeting, questions submitted by Finchley Society members, prior to the meeting, will be responded to by the electoral candidates standing for Finchley & Golders Green in the forthcoming General Election.

Jonathan Davies, Liberal Democrats
Adele Ward, Green Party
Sarah Sackman, Labour
Richard King, UKIP
Mike Freer, Conservative MP. No Show

David Smith, Chairman of the Finchley Society.

Topic: Homes for London.
1.There is a great need for more homes in London and the South East generally. The Government has greatly loosened planning controls as one of the ways of meeting this need. Local people find themselves powerless to protect their neighbourhood and their environment. What is your party’s policy for the next Parliament?
2.What is your party’s policy in relation to building on small green spaces which are valued environmentally by the local community, but valued financially by local councils and builders?

1. a) What would your long-term policy on car use be?
b) Do you think it needs restriction, because of the environment?
c) Would you examine seriously building on the present congestion charge in some way?
d) What about fuel duty and parking controls?

How could you influence Council decisions in relation to the proposed library cuts or other financial constraints being imposed by Barnet Council?
Does the panel support government measures to protect libraries from closure or shrinking by philistines in councils such as Barnet?

At 10:07 of the video. How would your policies help support local unemployed people and other disadvantaged groups such as lone parents, people with disabilities, minority groups, ex offenders etc?

a) Do you favour giving local authorities – and specifically the Greater London Authority – more powers to raise revenue and decide how to spend it?
b) What such powers do you think practicable?
c) What are your views on a mansion tax and extending Council Tax bands to take into account the vastly increased value of London homes.
The Government has encouraged ‘Localism’. What are your views on the establishment of say a ‘Finchley Town Council’ within the overall Barnet Council (similar to a parish council)?
Should the Green Belt be maintained, with its current boundaries protected, or should it be encroached upon by house-building?


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