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GUSTON: A small village in Kent with a great big heart (see pinned post at top of pag) An inspiration to us all! Thank you GUSTON!

GUSTON: A small village in Kent with a great big heart
An inspiration to us all! Thank you GUSTON!

EAST KENT FRACKING NEWS!!!! Kent’s Green Party exposed how Kent County Council has invested…wait for it….£153M in…wait for it…the unconventional gas/oil industry! KCC is the local Minerals authority whose planning committee is charged with deciding on these applications by Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd in East Kent! (All this covered on BBS SE News tonight and questions being asked of KCC tommorrow). And more news! Tonight, Guston Parish Council voted AGAINST the application from Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd. Guston is one of the villages involved in these applications. 3 more to vote.. Julie.

In a tiny , cold 900+ year old Church tonight , In the Village of Guston, I was the only member of the Public to join the meeting of Guston Parish Council, as they announced their decision on the application by Coastal Oil and Gas for the rights to drill an exploratory Bore Hole . Even ‘though this tiny village cannot even afford their own Village Hall ( hence meeting in the Church), they chose to spurn the monatory inducements being offered to local Communities ( £ 100,000) and did the right thing and rejected the Application. WELL DONE GUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Diana J.


East Kent Against Fracking meeting 16th Oct 7.30pm Dover


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