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Exploring Our Conditioning by Ashman Dan.


Exploring Our Conditioning by Ashman Dan.

We are heavily conditioned, this has been pointed out time and time again. Even so I feel we must explore the conditioning, become aware, there will be many conclusion and bad feelings about yourself , about your capacity that have been in-grained. This has been essential in creating the value system that is expressed in the adult life. The combined expression of all us interacting is what is. It is what many people call the system or society. A great deal of energy and focus is put into trying to control how you perceive something, it is done in formal education, religion, law enforcement and in entertainment/media. In many of these interactions the communication is one way in which we are subject.

This process of being subject starts off when we are completely dependent on our parents. It is then custom to go into school. The child in the classroom is pressured and rewarded by the teacher to seek validation. This goes on to form the beliefs of how the child views themselves and their capacity to interact with their surrounding environment. In full awareness the adults are molding and pressuring the child by exploiting the need for validation, acceptance or love. This sounds logical if the journey creates people to join and contribute to the economy . Yet the continuing service to the economy as it exists in its current form will lead to destruction of environments and people all over the world. This is observably foreseeable. Scratch that, it is happening.

At first it is the adult accolade that a child is conditioned into becoming addicted to, then it is the grade, then it is money. All external/environmental communications of validation. The teacher, the lawyer, the judge, the policeman, the politician etc. etc. Are all agents of enforcing the favourable environment of the one per cents growing influence. They are in a position where their very livelihoods, mortgages, food sources are dependent on them carrying out the orders to create the order of the gated feudal corporate community.

Often it is a source of frustration for me that we as a people fail to protect what we consider to be sacred. The government murder of tens of thousands of people in fragile health is one of them. The government’s support in their onshore push that puts our very water supply at risk. The insistence and enforcement of the wealth transfer from the 99% to the one per cent will mean five million more children will be in poverty come 2020. The law system is so obviously rigged and blinkered in favour of those with money that it can never truly deliver justice. These are just some of many examples. We have the statistics. We can see and observe the harm. What does this mean in terms of our relationship to what is going on? What is required of me? What must we create?

It seems so obvious that we should prioritise our sacred values rooted in empathy and compassion; build, create and live around that. It is also important to understand that our conditioning has inbuilt defence systems as fear and prejudice and the logic of the people that we have been conditioned by will do what they can to preserve its priorities. Do not mistake what they say for what they intend to do and are doing, they would say anything to get what they want. In fact we can see it playing out. We are one of the most spied upon nations on earth.

Their priority in the grand scheme of things are unbalanced, dangerous and ultimately leading us off a cliff. What they are forgetting is that we don’t exist to serve them or their vision. Their delusions of grandeur are paper thin and based on blackmail, do what we say or else. They lack any evidence to their claims to rule accept rituals and paper that prove nothing but delusion and bad judgement. The harm that is being caused is reason enough to slack them off.

We must recognise the sanctity of our lives, the sanctity of life around us and further afield. Our innate power. In so doing we can build respectful relationships that are in balance with the environment and bring about peaceful relationship with each other. Many of the unanswered crimes of the corporate feudal community must be answered and rulings enforced. We need a justice system instead of a law system. A credit system that is ethically based. The local economy that provides for the needs of the community. An actionable blueprint for renewable energy infrastructure that will last. As long as we look to the very perpetrators of the large scale crimes to enforce justice, justice will never come and the foreseeable harm will.


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