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EWG meeting on Monday 9th June 2014


EWG meeting on Monday 9th June 2014 – minutes
John, Steve, Janos, Clive

1. Janos has integrated the names to the Opportunities and will integrate the framework as an Appendix 3(b). Some old issues have been archived – to go on the website – Obi? Future meetings stack for Fridays. Including Steve – history of money and banking; Clive and Tim – horizontal decision making; truth. Aim is to finish the draft “Aims and objectives” over however many Friday sessions it takes – Land this Friday. Aims and objectives 1.0, 1.1 next iteration 1.2.

2. Texts for consideration by the Reading Group: Mike Gold – Austerity; Andy Conio – Money; Steve M’s – Justifiable economic system; Tim – Tom Paine; Critical Thinking – New Model Charter and Fiduciary Responsibility.

3. Business meeting – Monday’s first hour – 5-6pm. Second hour Reading Group? – split out to discuss Opportunities (10) by the law of two feet. Item I) be cognisant of Putney Debates – proposed Little Book of Solutions.

4. World Development Movement want to change the name to Global Justice Now.

5. Should we discuss splitting the EWG email list into two – a discussion list and an EWG business list?

6. Discussion on bitcoin and plans for an economic summit of global investors – World economic council to discuss a new economic system. Bicoin seminar in Canary Wharf in July. Foreign Direct Investment FDI as potential alternative funding to Bank of England. World Economic Council call to drop the debt. New economic system – sharing wealth above a certain limit. Repatriation of profits. Blockchain.info – 1 bitcoin = £386. Bitcoin basic income. Gold standard abolished in 1944
– replaced by fiat currency – US dollar. If there is no intrinsic value. Bitcoin to become the food standard, backed by reserve digital gold. 21 million limit on Bitcoin.

7. Sabine MacNeil – event for CCMJ on behalf of campaign for interest free money. Lord Caithness
– “campaign will not attract interest”. Campaign won’t work hence name change to “forum for interest free money.” USP – currency stability. Immediate concern of the mega-rich is to preserve the value of what they have accumulated rather than making a return.


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