Eviction Protection WG Minutes – Saturday 14th January 2012



Minutes – meeting Sat 14.1.12 4pm WG Dome


Present (with stated main WG):

Kay (Next Step WG) – facilitator

Max (Tranquillity WG) – minutes

Luke (Finance WG)

Beardy Anon (Finance WG)

Sam (Outreach WG)

Earthian (Shelter WG)

Hassan (International WG)

Cheryl (Info Tent WG)

Lilias (Info Tent WG)

Tea and Nancy (“new spaces”)


The meeting agreed on an agenda for the next meeting, plus comments, as follows:

Intro question: Should the camp do any eviction protection planning at all or just see the camp destroyed by police/bailiffs?

1.  What physical items should be protected/moved/removed, should there be three categories (store/remove early, store/remove at last opportunity, leave for destruction) and what would be in each category.

2. Transport – how much will be needed.  Luke confirmed access to a truck plus further details.

3. Where stuff taken to – current possibilities FSQ and BOI.

4. When – timing for each category, how many people needed.

5. Welfare – steps re vulnerable people on site ie homelessness/addictions/mental health. Also does the group have to consider steps re general campmembers.

Also noted:

Solar panels – there are 4 big ones, 1 medium one and 1 small ones.

Needs someone in this group from Kitchen.

The group shouldn’t forget the public reaction impact of any steps the camp recommends.

Integration with the other three Eviction Protection groups: Nonviolence, Online/PR, Future of OLSX.

Next meeting:

Sun 15.1.12 4pm WG Dome.



2 Responses to “Eviction Protection WG Minutes – Saturday 14th January 2012”

  1. Please issue a Call out if you feel extra support for peaceful resistance or help with moving is required and you have any notice. (Would have thought Police might give you notice or negotiate rather than just turn up unannounced in force – but I could be wrong!)

  2. city have said in court they would give 5 days notice


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