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Evict the Bailiffs demo by Norbert Lawrie



Evict the Bailiffs Demo by Norbert Lawrie

Two of our crew are missing

Never is there a dull moment with the Love Activists (London), there really is some amazing characters amongst our crew and extended group of housing and in the general sense activists.

That has to also include the crew we call the Bohemians (4Soho), they are both passionate and dedicated to their declared missions.

These full time activists’ don’t muck about when it comes to activism, taking everything into account, their intervention in the overall class struggle and the emerging housing movement is commendable and indeed praiseworthy, and that’s coming from someone who has been trying to do his bit to bring about change with a mixture of results for the last 40+ years.

We like to get involved and support all actions and protests that are about housing and the daily struggle wage by our people (the working classes) to gain and retain without worry, good quality and publicly owned housing as a right for all.

Living together, working together, friendships and loyalties are forged in the red hot heat of struggle, so when two of our members failed to return from a demo last night, the remaining crew holding the squat worry, then news reaches us two of our members have been arrested and we spring into action, calls are made to legal support for activists, in this case the Green and Black Cross, eventually in the early hours of the morning our comrades are released from police custody.

Evict The Bailiffs (demo) at the British Credit Awards was held last night and not surprisingly a respectable demonstration of 100 activists held a very lively event in central London.

Chanting “Social housing, not social cleansing” campaigners tried to block guests from entering the awards at the Brewery in London.

The protest was created by the Focus E15 group, and a growing campaign organisation that fights for affordable housing and against evictions in the capital.


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