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Date(s) - 06/02/2016
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

DIY space for london


Utopianism is back on the agenda. The left needs powerful visions of the future if it is going to break the grip of neoliberalism. The optimism (right or wrong) around events such as Corbyn, Podemos, and Syriza, along with the growth of automation, open source technologies and social media, has created space to discuss these possibilities. The radical left is often quite sure of what it is against – such as the intersecting systems of domination we call racism, patriarchy, capitalism and so on – but then what is it that we’re for? What does the future society we want actually look like?

Radical Assembly’s Education and Skill-Share group invites you to this participatory discussion event to brainstorm ideas for a future society. We will put aside questions of present strategy, and refocus on future goals. This type of future-oriented thinking is a necessary compliment to grassroots activism, to enable us to move beyond mere resistance to the local effects of neoliberalism, and form broader campaigns that work towards a better world. We’ll be looking at a range of concrete areas of our social infrastructure, including work, housing, healthcare, migration, education, media, family and more. The ideas that emerge from this initial session will form the basis of future events on each theme in turn. The goal is not to fix upon single rigid ideas, but to explore a range of possibilities. To both focus our visions, and also allow for diversity, experimentation and organic development.

The event will be free with donation.

Please share and invite!

Anyone who wants to help with the organising and running of this and future events is encouraged to get involved with the Education and Skill-Share group: message the Radical Assembly page and we’ll pass on your details.

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