Feminism in Art: 1918 to 2018

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Date(s) - 13/02/2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Frieze Academy


Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists / Last Supper, 1972

Feminism in Art: 1918 to 2018


Frieze Academy presents ‘When Feminism met Art and when Art met Feminism: 1918 to 2018’.

Is adding women to art history the same as producing feminist art history? Shifting the paradigm of art history involves much more than adding women and their history ­to existing categories and methods. It has led to wholly new ways of conceptualizing what it is we study and how we do it. When there was never actually the burning of the bra, what is feminism and, more specifically, what is feminism within the confines of art?

In the year of the centenary of the vote for women, how has emancipation of women been expressed in art works? What has one hundred years of art meant for the art women have produced, as well as for the art representing women’s lives. How closely has it mirrored the politics of that century?

Griselda Pollock and Jennifer Higgie will look post 1918 and towards Feminism in Art – as the unfolding continues.

Jennifer Higgie is the Editorial Director of frieze and the editor of Frieze Masters Magazine. Higgie is an art critic, screenwriter and has written over 200 features.

Griselda Pollock is a visual theorist and cultural analyst, and scholar of international, postcolonial feminist studies in the visual arts. Pollock is well known for her theoretical and methodological innovation, combined with readings of historical and contemporary art, film and cultural theory. Since 1977, Pollock has been one of the most influential scholars in feminist theory, feminist art history and gender studies.

Image: Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists / Last Supper, 1972. Courtesy: Balice Hertling, LLC, New York / The SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna © Mary Beth Edelson.


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