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Date(s) - 07/08/2013 - 11/08/2013
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The EXTINCTION ECO-VILLAGE is being planned by the eco-warriors as a support base for the Bexhill to Hastings link road protest in the Combe Haven Valley and it will probably be up and running about the same time as the Earth First! Summer Gathering from 7 August 2013, and there will be a free festival every weekend which will be known as the EXTINCTION FESTIVAL.
These projects are part of the STOP BILDERBERG CAMPAIGN to have a Revolution in Britain to overthrow the government and replace the capitalist system with a new political and economic system based on environmentalism, localisation, and environmental economics.


Summary of what this is:

an activist camp that spans 4 days and consists of a programme of workshops throughout each day facilitated by people like you and me who think they have a skill or a level of knowledge in a subject that is valuable to share with others to improve their activism. You can facilitate a workshop by using the contact form. All workshops are optional – go to what you want/think will help you develop.

The camp is run on the principle of consensus decision making

We are ALL crew and participants – the person writing this is a volunteer and pays to get in like you do – you will be expected to help run the camp, with jobs needing to be done announced in a camp-wide morning meeting. This will also make you feel like a core part of this camp…because you are and it literally couldn’t run without you!
Everyone is really friendly, you don’t need to come with friends – you’ll make them, and it’s a chance to link up with like-minded individuals for planning future actions – whatever they may be…
Is this camp for you? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of direct action or you’re an old (glued and paint-stained) hand at it, you’re welcome here. See our Safer Spaces policy or email us if you’ve got any doubts/concerns.
No direct actions are planned by the camp – this is about you getting the skills/knowledge you need to become more effective in whatever direct action you involve yourself in.



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Occupier at OccupyLSX Camp. Then an Occupy Nomad. The revolution will be Livestreamed.

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